ATP30 sees solid growth in 2Q, on lower costs and returning fleet from scheduled maintenances, in talks with 3-4 new EV customers, expecting a fleet of 20-30 EVs.

AURA upbeats 2H outlook from surged demand from gold trading, contribution from gold for cash business, expects jewelry sales momentum pick up 4Q on holiday season, keeps 15% FY revenue growth target.

Comment: You should look at this company as an old school bank with a retail arm.

BANPU reports completed acquisition of 755mw gas-fired pp in Texas (Temple II) for US$460m (Bt16.06b), transaction completed on Jul 10.

Comment: The slow conversion of banpu from a coal player to a power producer continues.

BTS will begin trial run of 34.5km 30 stations, monorail pink line (Khae Rai-Min Buri) from September.

DITTO secured Bt200m IT development project from Bank for Agri and Coop.

ICHI is expected to report big jump 2Q from strong drink sales on seasonal, higher market share on premium green tea, wider margin from improved utilization rate & lower packaging costs, tailwind from OEM drink orders & contribution from Indonesia operation.  Tabloid.

Comment: Their margins are holding up. I have no idea how to track their popularity, been told to look at google trends, if anyone has an idea how to do this in Thailand, do share.

NCAP sees continued growth momentum from 2Q on higher demand for vehicle title deed loans, after extending coverage to 2nd hand trucks, with 10% market share of Bt50b mkt size, firms on 10-15% loan port growth this year to Bt8.2-8.5b.

Comment: Well backed and likely to surprise.

SABINA said 1H23 sales were on track, growth in both retails and online, plans new sustainable products in 2H.

Comment: If the CNY/Yuan declines like some market commentators are saying, then their outsourcing of production to China yield better than expected margins.

SEAFCO anticipates meaningful turnaround from Bt129m loss in FY22, driven by higher rev recognition from foundation work project, Bt1.5b backlog pending to realize, wider margin from higher utilization rate & lower energy cost yoy, more to come from Bt9.4b current bidding.

Comment: Still the king of the industry. But it does ebb and flow

SKY to buy Siam Administrative Management (SAMCO) for Bt500m.

Comment: I’m a spreadsheet nerd, interesting that the WACC used is 10%.

  1. ChristwaterhousePoopers

    Ichitan has <2% share of the soft drink market and <30% share in the bottled tea segment. This is in volume terms, not retail/wholesales sales rev.

    • Thank you. But how do you track the popularity of their drinks? How do you track if they are becoming more or less popular?

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