ATP30 targets 2017 revenue growth of 15% to Bt350mn. It has backlog on hand of Bt600mn and plans to book revenue of Bt300mn this year. It has budgeted Bt120mn to buy buses and vans to increase its service potential. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
BANPU expects 2017 earnings to be better than 2016, both revenue and profit since it believes its coal business already touched bottom and volume will rise. It plans to invest US$210mn in 2017. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
BEAUTY reported a new high net profit of Bt656.01mn in 2016m growth of 63%, with revenue of Bt2.6bn, growth of 42.79%. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.138/share. It targets 2017 revenue of Bt3.1bn, with growth of no less than 20%. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
Comment: The fear now is that BEAUTY can’t continue the amazing growth that it has shown in the past 2 years, especially since the 4Q #’s were down QoQ by ~30%
CPF reported 2016 net profit of Bt14.7bn, growth of 33%, with revenue of Bt464bn, growth of 10%. It will pay a 2H16 dividend of Bt0.45/share. It plans to focus on strategic areas and targets 2017 sales growth of 10%. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
EGCO is confident that 2017 earnings will continue to grow. It plans to COD 398MW in 2017 and has budgeted more than Bt30bn to invest in seven power plants both in Thailand and abroad. It is studying investment in Laos, Indonesia and Vietnam. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
MACO targets 2017 revenue growth of no less than 20-25% due to booking a full year of revenue from MTS. It plans to acquire businesses both in Thailand and abroad, with at least one deal completed in 1H17. It has budgeted Bt360mn in 2017 to buy rights to lease billboards for ads and use in its CBD LED network project. (Thun Hoon, 28/02/17)
Comment: Happy to see things finally moving with this company
MILL reported 2016 net profit of Bt394mn supported by government investment and customer expansion. It has strong financial status and is competitive. It plans to focus on special grade steel to widen its margin. It plans to issue a warrant with more than 400mn units to existing shareholders, both common and preferred stocks. (Thun Hoon, 28/02/17)

QTC targets 2017 revenue of Bt1.2bn. It has backlog on hand of Bt450mn and will book all backlog this year. It expects to get a government job worth Bt300mn in 1H17. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
SENA reported 2016 profit of Bt762mn, surging 200% to a new high, supported by booking revenue from “The Niche Mono Ratchada. It plans to pay a stock dividend and cash dividend, XD within May 2. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
SPA reported 2016 net profit of Bt140mn, growth of 32.37%, with revenue of Bt739mn, an increase of 36%. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.05/share. It targets 2017 revenue growth of 30% and plans to add ten more outlets in Thailand. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
SPALI targets 2017 revenue of Bt24.5bn on the back of Bt36.49mn backlog. It targets net margin of at least 20%. It plans to launch 29 projects worth Bt37.2bn. It expects 2017 presales to reach Bt27bn. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
TICON posted 2016 net profit of Bt278mn, down 63% due to lower revenue from sale of land. Its board approved a dividend of Bt0.08/share, XD on May 2. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
TK expects 2017 net profit to continue to grow from last year’s Bt429.6mn. It expects the motorcycle leasing market to continue to grow in tandem with the economy. It targets revenue from overseas to comprise 50% within next three years. (Thun Hoon, 28/02/17)
TPOLY reported 2016 net profit of Bt300mn, backed by its power and property businesses. It expects 2017 performance to continue to grow in all business units. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
Comment: Straightforward here, but it looks like its own core business has turned around as well.
TRC is working with a foreign partner to take part in the Bt8bn PTT gas pipeline project in March. It took part in bidding for dual-track projects and the fifth gas pipeline via a subsidiary. It expects the Bt32bn potash mining projects contract to be signed soon, pushing up its backlog to above Bt37.2bn. It reported 2016 net profit of Bt290.76mn. (Thun Hoon, 28/02/1 7)
TVD announced 2016 net profit of Bt14.36mn from 2015’s net loss of Bt40.61mn on the back of achieving its business plan. It expects 2017 revenue to hit Bt3.9bn or 15% growth. It targets net margin of 3%. (Thun Hoon, 28/02/17)
Comment: The issue I have w/ TVD is that there are too many things going on a JV here, a partnership there and it doesn’t look like the company is focused
UPA investing with Synova Advanced Power Services Company Limited in a waste power plant (APS and SES2) with capacity of 24MW. It expects this to act as a springboard for its alternative energy business. (Kao Hoon, 28/02/17)
WICE reported 2016 revenue of Bt1.043bn, up 50.15% with net profit of Bt77mn, backed by growth in every business unit, plus revenue recognition from warehouse management and SEL. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.08/share. It expects 2017 revenue to be a 24-year high with 30% target growth. (Thun Hoon, 28/02/17)
Comment: And then unless there is another acquisition growth will flat line 

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