AU targets 10-15% CAGR over next 3 years, will add 10-20 branches & pop-up stores at tourist attraction locations, 1st branch in Cambodia on track to cod this year.

Comment: One day they’ll figure out international expansion, one day…

GFPT expects FY24 chicken sales volume jump yoy as US & EU clients revamp orders schedule to incorporate with adjusted shipping route, target FY24 margins stays above 12.5% after hike selling price to reflects higher freight costs.

Comment: And…raw mat costs are down…and the baht is weaker…and its the usual cycle…enjoy it for another 6-12 months, exit, and come back to play again in 2 years

HTC reaffirms solid 2Q from strong soft drinks sales during summer season, expects margin continue to expand from economy of scale, strong mini can sales, lower sugar cost from sugar free product line expansion, price hike in some products.

TIPH hikes EV insurance premium by 20%, sees loss ratio in EV segment exceed 100% of premium earned due to fierce price war, lofty battery price which account for 80% of vehicle value, higher part costs than ICE and inadequate amount of maintenance garages.

Comment: OHHHHHHH REALLY? Thai insurance companies have proven to be quite $hit at their risk analysis…hello the ‘000s of insurance companies that went under during covid.

SCC: SSO raised holding by 0.064% to 5.0039% on May 31st.

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