AWC: sees YTD avg room rate about Bt 5k/room/night vs Bt 4.2k FY19, avg OCC double to 60% vs 30% during the peak of outbreak, APEC meeting in BKK bolster demand & reservations.

Comment: All of my friends have been commenting that hotels in Thailand have become stupidly expensive, and why not? The competition is gone. Market share to the big boys.

BANPU: keeps Bt 44b FY22np target +346% yoy, expects FY23 average coal price steady at US$ 200-250/ton on tight energy supply, will announce FY23 capex plan in February.

Comment: Spot price for newcastle coal is 380 and has been up here for the past few months. This is what their sub gets to sell 50% of their volume at.

LEO: signed MOU with China Post, Sri Trang Logistic and raw material sourcing co., Bauthai Index Associate to joint expand rail transport via Pan-Asia railway, Kunming-Vientiane-BKK.

Comment: LEO, WICE, III all players that will benefit from this.

M: anticipates big jump 4Q on improving dine-in traffic on high season, upside from international travelers & domestic tourism stimulus.

Comment: They’re just going from strength to strength still.

XB: SINGER for subscription right of SG Capital (SGC) at 1.4326:1, TU for subscription right of I-Tail corp (ITC) at 35.2662:1.

Comment: Was this the only short term support for SINGER’s share price? Earnings growth target by management for this year dropped from 75% to 50% (!!)

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