BAM anticipates 2H turnaround from NPA auctions in 3Q, Bt7b backlog to realize this year, firms on Bt12b revenues target.

Comment: No auctions have taken place, hence their absolute rubbish #s

ERW cuts this year capex to Bt500-700m from Bt1,400m, cuts costs to fight pandemic.

Comment: If # of hotels drop, can we see a period of where the room rates in Thailand actually increase?

HUMAN keeps 25-30% revenues growth target this year to Bt800m on expanded client bases and new platforms.

Comment: Impressive

MINT announces cash call up to Bt15b, 716.1m shares via RO at 6.45:1 at 7-15 days VWAP, 313.8m shares from MINT-W7 at 17:1, free warrant to existing holders.

Comment: This could mark the bottom for them, personally I still think tourism is “normal” within 12 months. Though why is no one applauding CENTEL for being more fiscally prudent with their balance sheet?

SABINA’s confident of making net profit this year, despite suffering from Covid, to focus more on cost cutting, on-line, and new products such as Triple Mask.

Comment: Bras bras bras, they are the brand cost-leader in Thailand.

SF: Fitch rating downgrade from BBB to BBB- ; outlook Negative.

Comment: These rating agencies are useless, if it was real-time then SF should be junk.

SPALI says Bt9.5b of Bt39b backlog will be booked this year, plans 25 horizontal projects, but mulls revising down presales and transfers projections.

THAI will further suspend international routes following the Civil Aviation Authority extending ban on inbound and outbound commercial flights until at least June 30.

Comment: I wonder what the new entity will be called. So as i opined a few times in the past, a recap => 2-3x gains, a bankruptcy – cheaper for the country’s balance sheet => but the current equity is worthless.

UTP sets Bt200m budget to upgrade card board and paper packaging production capacity to capture demand from fast growing e-commerce.

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