BAM & RATCH are expected to be remove from MSCI index on an upcoming reshuffle announcement November 11, effective at the close of Nov 30, tabloid.

Comment: And the replacements will be MAKRO and…?

CPALL: anticipates 4Q turnaround from positive SSSG, expects sales jump after curfew lifted on October 31 (11pm) as sales during 7pm-10pm account for 30% of entire day sales.

Comment: A betting man would say that they were one of the groups advising the government to enact curfews to prevent them paying labour and electricity costs.

EGCO: reaffirms solid 3Q from strong contribution of 3 hydro pp in Laos, Linden gas-fired power plants in the US and investment in renewable, Apex clean Energy.

SCGP: will conclude M&A labware & med supplies producers, Deltalab, in 4Q, mulls tap in southern China, northern Vietnam & India next year.

SOLAR: trades XR 1:1 @ Bt 1, XW 2:1 for RO subscribers today.

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