BANPU acquires Barnett shale field in Texas with gas production capacity of 225mmscfd from Exxon Mobil for US$750m, lifts total gas production in the US to more than 900mmscfd.

Comment: Ya ya ya, share price would’ve been far higher…ok time for me to move on from whining about last year’s recap. Once BANPU has finished with their ridiculous coal hedges that they put in, which muted the earnings that the sub in indo, ITMG, is giving them, the EPS #’s are going to look amazing QoQ, YoY etc.

BEM sees FY22np reaching 70-80% of Bt2.05b (pre-Covid level ), sees first 2 weeks of May average MRT ridership topped 200k trips/day and 280k trips on the first few days of school reopen (on-site), expects May toll way traffic >1.1m trips from 980k in April.

BJC scales back FY22 capex to Bt10b, delays opening of oversea branches, focuses on campaign to boost SSSG, target full year revenue growth >10% from Bt 150b last year.

Comment: How much smaller can they make packages of snacks to make up for the increase in raw mat?

FORTH reaffirms solid 2Q qoq, on SMEs business and Tao Bin expansion, on track to meet 5K machines by end of year, and 10K by 2024.

Comment: Expansion #’s are going to continue to look great YoY comp wise til 1H23. Then question marks will start to appear…

GULF forms venture with SCC, SG Solar, to expand turnkey solar-roof business, target SCC associate co., WHA industrial estates in Saraburi, Rayong and EEC area and GULF’s clients.

Comment: SCC is part of the crony capitalism game, who would’ve thunked it.

JWD upbeats 2H outlook from strong logistic demand for food exports, cold storage, thermal ctrl cargo, firms on 15% revenue growth target.

PTT sets Bt1b for 20% stake in IP, via subscription of PP shares, with plan to expand biopharmaceutical business.

Comment: A surprising move.

SPALI to transfer Bt10.5b worth in 3 pjs in 2H, with plan to expand upcountry, including Bt3.8b Supalai Tuscany Valley.

TIDLOR target FY22 motor insurance sales +30-35% yoy as demand for travel grows, firms on plan to add 300 outlets this year, target loanbook +20-25% by end of year.

Comment: They had an amazing performance in 1Q22 and despite that, shares went nowhere, the sector is hated.

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