BANPU says it is not affected by Indonesia’s currency crisis. It has continued to invest in coal mines in Indonesia and it expects to increase coal reserves to a 15-year level, supporting demand from AsiaPacific. It expects 2018 revenue to grow 25%, backed by an uptrend in coal price. (Thun Hoon, 7/9/18)
Comment: I still glance a massive skeptical eye towards any mines that Banpu or anything that any Thai company does in Indonesia
BGRIM announced the good news that it signed a PPA contract for a 420MW solar project with Electricity of Vietnam. It expects the startups as planned next year June. (Kao Hoon, 7/9/18)
CBG expects the energy drink market to grow in 2H18, giving earnings growth of 15-20%. Its threeyear plan is to be number one in market share, overtaking M-150. It says it is not affected by ban on selling energy drinks to children under 16, because its target consumers are working people. (Thun Hoon, 7/9/18)
DDD launches acne cream “Oxe’Cure”. It is working with DKSH to support distribution nationwide. It expects revenue to reach Bt100mn in 2019. (Kao Hoon, 7/9/18)
Comment: It’s part of their plan to continue launching new products every quarter and acquiring other brands in the market.
DTAC takes the request for a grace period to court. Total Access Communication (DTAC) on Thursday filed a petition for an emergency injunction with the Central Administrative Court for a temporary protection order for its customers to allow them to continue using mobile service on the 850-megahertz spectrum after the Sept 15 expiry of its concession. (Bangkok Post, 7/9/18)
GULF announced that it has taken 45% of a natural gas power plant project in Oman. The 326MW power plant project is valued at US$483mn or Bt16bn. (Kao Hoon, 7/9/18)
Comment: The project itself is small relative to the size of GULF, but if they can continue to win projects within the region…the image/business of GULF will change
META’s shareholders approved the issue of META-W3 and META-W4. These will be allocated to existing shareholders proportionately. It plans to use the proceeds to set up Minbu power plant in Myanmar. (Kao Hoon, 7/9/18)
S expects to book revenue from the transfer of 20% of the Bt4.9bn ESSE Asoke project by the end of this year, enabling it to meet its revenue growth target of 20% this year. It plans to launch Singha Complex in 3Q18, which will add to rental revenue. It plans to sell Sun Towers to a REIT in 2019 in order to cut its current D/E ratio of 1.16. (Thun Hoon, 7/9/18)
Comment: That Singha Complex is changing the perception of junction at petchburi/asok
SANKO plans to clear accumulated loss of Bt17.89mn. It expects 2H18 results to grow HoH after it transferred backlog of Bt100mn. It expects to gain orders of over Bt100mn through the rest of this year. It expects revenue to reach Bt500mn this year after already reporting Bt267mn in 1H18. (Thun Hoon, 7/9/18)
SELIC unveiled 2H18 strategy in which it plans to raise sale price and cut costs, hoping to widen its margin from last year’s 25.84%. Management targets revenue growth of 10% this year. (Thun Hoon, 7/9/18)
TPCH expects to finalize 4-5 biomass power plant projects within 4Q18. It plans to bid for a 40MW waste electrical power plant for which the TOR is expected to be announced this month. It expects 2018 results to be a record high with total electricity generation of 60MW. (Kao Hoon, 7/9/18)
Comment: Until they can find a way to win additional projects, the share price will not recover. But with the Thai government/Energy Minister flip flopping on strategy no one really knows.
True’s legal spat takes toll on stock. True Corp slid the most in about two years after a tribunal said it must pay more than 94 billion baht in a breach of contract case dating back to 2005, an order the firm said it will dispute. The China Mobile Ltd-backed carrier said in a filing late Wednesday this case isn’t final and it intends to take legal action to revoke the order in favour of state-owned TOT Plc. Thailand’s second-largest wireless carrier also rejected a separate claim from the telecommunications regulator for a 3.4-billion-baht payment related to the expiry of past concessions. (Bangkok Post, 7/9/18)
Comment: This is one big middle finger towards True. So effectively True is bankrupt. Yet again…

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