BANPU: completed acquisition of Barnett shale gas asset in the US on October 1, will book immediate contribution from 4Q20.

Comment: Urgh…..

BGRIM: signs MOU with Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) to jointly expand SPP, smart microgrid and renewable energy.

CBG: expects to report quarterly record high profit in 3Q from increase market share of Woody C+lock functional drink, improves domestic & oversea sales, wider GPM on econ of scale and higher capacity utilization.

Comment: China is rocking and rolling and people don’t talk enough about it. Several brands/products/services that are domestically focused there are doing amazingly well this year.

EGCO: cod 19.8mw Gangdong fuel cell powerplants on October 1, will book contribution from 49% holding in the projects from 4Q20.

PTTEP: recovered permission from Chevron to enter Erawan field for smooth transition of Oil & Gas production for new operator after Chevron concession end in FY22.

Comment: I’m still expecting a 4Q jump in oil prices (seeing the rig count drop massively in the US during this q….)

PTG: anticipates wider margins on gasoline sales from low oil price, expects strong sales volume 4Q from domestic travel stimulus, absence of domestic Covid transmission and New Year high season.

Comment: PTG benefits from “stable” low oil prices => higher marketing margins

THAI: resume BKK-Tokyo route, will start Bkk-Osaka route from November.

Comment: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! Let’s get flying again

TQM: non-life reinsurance broker subsidiary, TQR, submitted filing to sell IPO 60m shares listing on MAI.

Comment: This little pocket rocket keeps going. 

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