BANPU to wrap up lithium, nickel and copper mining investment in Laos, Indo, and August by end of year or 1Q24, for immediate revenue recognitions.

BJC’s hypermarket unit, Big C, signed MOU with Overseas Cambodian Investment Corps (OCIC) to develop 12k sq.m mega project northeast central of Phnom Penh under 30-yr lease contract, target cod within 10 to 12 months.

Comment: And where’s this magical IPO?

MBK anticipates FY earnings close to pre-Covid level at Bt11b, sees 9M23 traffic at malls & hotels operation reached 95% of FY19, expects positive momentum continue in 4Q from higher room rate and OCC.

Comment: Boom, having been there a few times over the past 2 months it’s been very obvious seeing the foot traffic, even without the Chinese.

OSP may report 139% yoy rise in 3Q NP to Bt584m, on lower costs and higher outputs, boosting Gross margin to 34.1%, Tabloid.

Comment: Well, the next 6 months aren’t going to show lower costs…

ROJNA upbeats earnings outlook supported by industrial land sales on manufacturing relocation, wider margin from price hike, tailwind from private PPA solar rooftop, 2.8k acres landbank to fill demand over next 3 yrs.

Comment: Always at a perennial discount to its peers.

SOLAR’s firm on 15-20% revenue growth this year, on costs management, eyes large EPC pjs worth Bt900m later this year and wind and hydro PPs.

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