BPP, a subsidiary of BANPU, will start commercial operations of a solar farm in Japan. BANPU will begin to book revenue from this shareholding of 15.35MW in 4Q18. BANPU has total electricity production capacity of 2,100MW. It expects earnings of Bt8.8bn, supported by higher coal price and revenue sharing from the power plant business. (Kao Hoon, 4/12/18)
BTS MRTA has signed an MOU with the BMA to transfer two Green Line routes. The governor of Bangkok says he has talked with BTS and BTS agrees to pay debt of Bt100bn, keep fares no higher than Bt65 and pay revenue share after the 11th year. He expects no opposition. (Kao Hoon, 4/12/18)
Comment: Just watch them continue to rake the cash in. Now I do wonder what type of capex is required in the future to replace all of these trains. 
EA expects to start commercial operation of Hanuman wind power plant in mid-December. The project will generate 180MW initially. This will increase its total electricity production capacity to 584MW at the end of this year. The remaining 80 MW will start commercial operations next year. It expects earnings of more than Bt5bn this year. (Kao Hoon, 4/12/18)
Comment: Nothing new, still part of their plan since they went public. I’m more curious as to what is happening with their batteryplant project. 
ECF expands its business line. The board approved the acquisition of acquire 51% holding in S-TREK by private placement worth Bt510mn. It will consolidate revenue and earnings in next year financial report. It will propose for shareholders’ approval in extraordinary meetings in March 2019. (Kao Hoon, 4/12/18)
EPG has set up a joint venture with DEG to set up an auto accessories factory and distribute its products in South Africa. The factory will start operation in March 2019. It targets revenue growth of 10-15% in FY2018. (Thun Hoon, 4/12/18)
HANA share price rebounded after US-China trade war truce. It is researching to develop new and  innovative products in order to boost its margin and revenue. (Thun Hoon, 4/12/18)
KBANK reported that it will set normal provisions in 4Q18. Loan quality is better. It targets loan growth of 5-7% this year. It already studied the 2019 NPL management plan and believes that managing NPLs itself is better than writing them off. (Kao Hoon, 4/12/18)
Comment: So is IFRS9 coming next year? 
SAT is not concerned about the replacement of Nissan’s CEO as it will continue to get orders from Nissan. It continues to look for new customers and management is confident that its revenue growth will be better than the industry, driven by orders from the US. (Thun Hoon, 4/12/18)
Comment: As a quick aside, I am seeing far more MG vehicles on the roads of Bangkok, I wonder which public player is benefiting from this manufacturing/assembly 
SHREIT will issue trusts at offer price of Bt9.45 per unit. It will open booking by existing unitholders from Dec 6-11. Institutions and retail investors can book during Dec 6-13. The proceeds will be used to invest in the leasehold of a hotel in Bali and Malaysia where tourism is booming and the economies are growing. It expects earnings yield to increase to 8.5% the first year after the capital increase. (Thun Hoon, 4/12/18)
TOP expects 4Q18 results to be good, supported by a wider GRM and higher demand in winter. It says this year’s earnings are below last year’s Bt24.8mn because it recognized a high stock gain last year. It plans to set up a CFP project, which will double its production capacity and boost EBITDA by 100%. Setup is scheduled for next year. It expects average Dubai crude oil price at US$70-75/bbl next year. (Thun Hoon, 4/12/18)

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