BANPU plans to invest in renewable power plant in China, solar and wind, after the government revealed its incentive plan. In addition, the company will invest in a power plant in Indonesia with a partner to be announced soon. These investments will boost its revenue and profit in the longer term. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/15)

Management says it is negotiating with Chinese contractors to supply railway ties for the double-track railway project. The Thai and Chinese governments are discussing this cooperative project, with conclusion possible by 3Q15. (Kao Hoon, 17/03/15)

CHO expects to be awarded Bt1.0bn railway project which will finalize this year. The company expects to see strong 1Q15 earnings and targets 10% revenue growth this year. It plans to issue and offer Bt500mn debenture for capacity expansion. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/15)

CPALL inviting on-line lottery machines into its stores – CPALL is inviting LOXLEY to set up 700-800 of its 6,000 on-line lottery machines in its 7-Eleven convenience stores after the government revoked the quota of 48mn lottery tickets, effective March 20, 2015. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/15)

CPI conservatively expects revenue growth at 10% this year backed by more orders for palm oil from local and overseas clients. It expects to sign more power agreements after recently signing with EGAT to produce 3MW which offers a high 50% margin. It will book revenue this year. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/15)

Board approves acquiring 100% of APU, which has invested in the energy business and is generating power for Myanmar’s government. It expects to book revenue and profit in April. It plans to acquire land in Pang-nga province to develop land for sale. It plans to change its company name to United Power of Asia, or UPA. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/15)
Comment: Where did this overly speculated IT company get the finances necessary to purchase of all these new businesses?

ECF expects 1Q15 to improve YoY from more exports and weaker Thai baht. Management is confident that 2015 revenue will grow 12%. The company plans to expand to AEC market and denies news it will invest in Index Living Mall. (Kao Hoon, 17/03/15)

LPN is confident 1Q15 sales revenue will reach Bt3bn after booking Bt2bn in the first two months, mainly from Park Beach Cha-am condominium. The company will join with SF for a shopping mall project in Rangsit, named Market Place. (Kao Hoon, 17/03/15)
Comment: Its going to be interesting to see if LPN can still continue to achieve knock out sales figures that investors have been used to for the past decade

MODERN expects revenue to rise 15% to Bt5bn with backlog of Bt300mn (60% to be recognized in 2015). It plans to invest in a joint venture with Itoki to build a new plant in Myanmar. The new plant could start up in 2016. (Kao Hoon, 17/03/15)

SCN accelerating investment in new business, including production, distribution and transportation of compressed natural gas to boost overall revenue. This new business will be vital for revenue growth and account for 70-80% of recurring income. It will double 2014’s revenue by 2017. (Post Today, 17/03/15)

SPALI’s share hit by the revised dividend payout policy which was lowered from 45% to 35%. Management claims the revision is to increase its investment capability for future projects. (Kao Hoon, 17/13/15)
Comment: Could be possible, given that now the company has grown much larger from where it was a decade again.

TAE expects to boost sales volume for 1H15 to exceed 55mn liters after demand jumped. The company will also maximize operations of its power plant to pump up EBITDA to rise 16% YoY. More investment in an ethanol plant in the Philippines is under study. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/15)

Board approves Bt15bn funding in 2015. THAI president Mr. Charamporn Jotikasthira said the board has approved funding Bt15bn in 2015 via issuing and offering debenture or B/E to refinance debt and to increase liquidity. Next year, it plans to raise funds of not more than Bt20bn. The fleet expansion this year will continue as planned. (Krungthep Thurakij, 17/03/15)
Comment: I still am expecting them to raise equity, thai airways still has zero competitive advantage, a horrible balance sheet, and while the turnaround is underway, they still need the $

TICON negotiating with Chinese customers for warehouse rental with the total space of nearly 100,000 sqm. This could be concluded soon. The company will inject Bt6bn to expand its asset base, both factories and warehouses. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/15)

TTCL expects stable 1Q15 YoY with revenue recognition from the current backlog of Bt27bn. Management expects additional backlog in 2Q15 from overseas projects worth Bt13bn. It expects revenue to rise 15-20% as targeted. (Thun Hoon, 17/13/15)

TSR targets revenue growth of 25-30% to reach Bt1.5bn. It will spend Bt100mn to double capacity and add five more outlets. The company will emphasize cost management to increase net margin from 8% in 2014 to 10% in 2015 via online and telemarketing. (Kao Hoon, 17/03/15)

VNG plans to break profit records for the next three years. The company plans to accelerate investment to upgrade its production line to catch higher demand by 4Q15. Management revealed that several foreign investors are interested in partnering it for investment in Myanmar. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/15)
Comment: I have my doubts on this company being able to perform. Management has been out of the game for a while, can’t compete with china, but lets see if their surprising performance from 2014 continues in the first few quarters of 2015.

WHA studying the pros and cons of delisting HEMRAJ if its holding exceeds 80% after the tender offer. The company will nominate four directors to HEMRAJ’s Board. Management expects revenue to triple after the merger and plans to lead the industry in a decade. To date the company has purchased 59% of HEMRAJ shares. (Krungthep Thurakij, 17/03/15)
Comment: The question here is what will happen to HEMRAJ’s noncore assets, how much will be sold off to pay WHA a dividend back for WHA to pay off all the loans required to purchase HEMRAJ

  1. Thought THAI just sold a big chunk of their fleet to raise capital, and yet they’re going ahead with fleet expansion this year?

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