BANPU cuts full year coal sales volume target to 38.2m tons from 42m prior as power producers stocking remain high due to warmer than expected winter, focus on renewable, power storage, energy trading business to diversify earnings.

Comment: Wait wait wait….it’s going to be hotter than normal now = higher AC usage = higher electricity = higher demand for coal, 2) The warm than expected winter was …Dec ’22 to Jan’23….and the stockpiling was done in 3Q…and we see that inventory levels are back to pre-stock piling levels…who’s the IR at BANPU? Or is this from management…such rubbish…

FSMART’s diversifying to café in 4Q via Tao Bin Café, serving F&B products, including milk tea, noodles and fried chicken.

Comment: The value of tao bin was that it isn’t a cafe, and was a low capex, scalable product…

JUBILE sees 2Q growth momentum, to revise revenue growth target this year up from 10% earlier, to renovate existing branches and open new branches.

MENA: Capital Asia Investment bought 11.5803% (85m shares) from director, Nattaphon Kajonvuthiidet, on May 19.

Comment: Soooo, they bought into a logistics company that specialises in moving cement around…ok….great cash exit for the owners.

SENAJ: company name changed to SEN X, ticker changed to SENX, effective today.

Comment: Really? The creativity here is amazing!

STANLY reported FY23 net profit (end of Mar) at Bt1.745b, +18% yoy, topped Bt1.63b consensus.

WARRIX in talk jv with fabric & apparel producer, Nan Yang Textile, sees synergy from vertical integration, will open WarrIX Lifestyle Store in Jun.

Comment: The Mc Group of the sportswear industry in Thailand = a great barometer to understanding the real purchasing power in the country.

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