BAY expects 1Q loan growth shrink more than 10% yoy, sees sharp declines in new home sales, roll-out refinance package to draw mortgage clients.

Comment: 1Q20 is a recession quarter, 2Q20 is still up in the air, 2H20 is, I suspect, a recovery period, and 1Q21 everyone will look amazing compared to the year before

BEM: vice chairman, Plew Trivisvavet, bought 1m shares at Bt9.4/share on Friday (Mar 6), SEC filing.

Comment: One of many. But not yet visible on the SEC site.

BBL sees strong profit growth this year, as it plans to set only Bt12-15b LLP, a sharp drop from Bt32b set last year, keeps 3-4% loan growth target.

Comment: The exact opposite of everyone else as there were more aggressive in their provision during the “good” times

BGRIM to wrap up deal to buy 200-250MW PP in Malaysia in 2H20, with immediate contribution, sets Bt63b 5-year capex, firms on 15% growth this year.

Comment: And they continue to expand regionally

EGCO sets Bt30b capex for 3 projects at home, SK and Laos.
KCE sees sharp fall in 1Q profit, after Continental AG plans to cut production by 10%, while Volkswagen shuts down plant in China for a month.

GULF said it’s quarantined 2 staffs who have just returned from Italy, as one of them was infected.

HUMAN sets 30% revenue growth target this year to Bt800m, to wrap up M&A in Myanmar this year, mulls setting up JV in health insurance broker.

Comment: Well if they can provide services to all the thai companies there it would make sense, I don’t see local players taking it on

ITEL firms on 20% FY20 revenue growth target, driven by Bt4.57b backlog pending to realize and additional contract from Bt700m current bidding, will bid more 5G projects total Bt300m later this year.

MAJOR: GIC raised holding by 0.1206% to 5.0179% of total outstanding last Tuesday (Mar 3), SEC filing

Comment: If you’re willing to close your eyes for 12-24 months, it makes sense now.

THAI, BA & AAV cut air fares amid virus.

TM reaffirms big jump 1Q from strong sales of medical supplies as face mask, rubber gloves and hand sanitizer which account for 85% of earnings, sees demand growing from school, hotels, malls and commercial operators, add medical infusion pump in production line to boost sales.

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