BAY: to buy 50% stake of SB Finance in Phil for Bt 1.1b, seeks growth outside CLMV.

Comment: I actually find this to be a good move. I see a lot of upside in the Philippines of a properly run financial co

ILINK to bid for 2 underwater cable projects worth Bt1.955b this month, firms on Bt5.484b revenue target this year.

Comment: So it’s finally come through, I wonder if we’re going to see other government related IT players such as AIT and SAMTEL begin to perform

HMPRO sees strong 2H on seasonal, government stimulus and 4 new branches, on target to meet 5-7% growth this year

Comment: I’m just impressed by their ability to keep growing…

PTT to buy more coal mines in Indonesia with 10m tonnes reserves, firms on plan to list coal biz in Indonesia Exchange.

TCAP’s board approves merger with TMB, will sell 50.96% stake in Thanachart bank to TMB for Bt 80.7b. TCAP will then acquire stake 20.1% in TMB for Bt 45.2b. Thanachart Capital will buy Thanachart Bank’s business including insurance, brokerage and auto lender.

Comment: It’s time to sit down and dissect this properly…

TU mulls cutting revenue growth target from 3-5% this year, firms on COD of $24m tuna oil plant in July 2020.

WHAUP: to acquire 34% stake in Vietnam water plant, Duong River Surface, for Bt 2.76b.Comment: Good moves by WHA

  1. How fickle is this market, Samtel had one the strongest core profits in years and because of the headline EPS number the stock dives close to 15% in 2 days. I am buying at these levels after unloading a portion of them on the last run up.

    Would not be surprised to see it jump 50% from here as long as Trump doesn’t do anything stupid.

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