BBGI: BCP raised holding by 0.0021% to 45.0014% on Mar 7.

COCOCO allots Bt1.5b capex to expand production capacity of coconut juice, plant-based foods & pet food, firms on Bt6.6b FY24 revenue target, eyes Bt10b by end of FY26.

DELTA sets $500-1,000m capex over 5-year, with $500m to be spent in TH and India on new factories, and Germany on existing R&D facility. This year revenue growth target is set at 15-20% yoy.

Comment: Well, the company has made the cash, for these expansion plans over the past few years.

NSL targets 20% FY24 revenue growth, supported by OEM bakery & baked food products supply to 7-11, food services supply to hotels & restaurants, house brand products, will participate 5 foods fairs in 5 countries this year to expand oversea sales.

Comment: A great steady business, the only question mark (in local + retail minds) is over the 7-11 contract extension. I don’t see this an issue.

SAV sees positive earnings momentum continue in 2Q, supported by air traffic control revenue from Cambodia on improved traffic from China, upside from new launched LCC, Air Asia Cambodia, cod-ed 4Q23, expects to conclude ATC contract with Laos authority by mid-FY24.

SEAFCO upbeats on 1Q earnings from absence of disruption on foundation work project, expects to secure additional backlog from current Bt7b bidding in 2H, eyes Bt1.8b FY24 revenue target, pays Bt0.09 cash & 10:1 stock dividend, XD May 3.

Comment: Oh SEAFCO, please do not become a vietnamese shitco and issue stock dividends.

SSS: co name changed to Well Management Corp, ticker changed to WELL, effective tomorrow.

Comment: Now what’s going on here…

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