BBIK to enter VN next year to offer corporate digital business solutions, and expand in Indonesia and England, sets >70% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: They’re going to have repeat this performance for the next decade or so to defend the current valuation.

BCPG sets Bt30b capex next year, mostly for oversea M&A, target >500MW.

DMT sees momentum in 4Q to boost revenue this year to Bt1.9b, on 104K average traffic/day, and target 110-120K/day next year.

GUNKUL’s unit, Gunkul Power Development, signed 2 PP contracts worth Bt1.9b with Provincial Electricity Authority.

Comment: The market is theirs.

PTT teams up Saudi power producer, ACWA Power, and Electricity Generating Authority (EGAT) to establish renewable powered green hydrogen & derivatives (green ammonia) production facilities in Thailand, estimation capacity 225kt p.a.

S sees solid rebound in 4Q, on seasonal in hotel business, transfers over Bt1.2b real estate backlog, and Bt200m transfer of IE land.

SCB seeks shareholder approval for Bt100b various type of bonds to expand consumer finance, digital asset and platform, target Bt1tril market cap and 200m client bases globally. Will buy remaining stake in AISCB, a JV with ADVANC who provides digital lending via online platform, from ADVANC.

Comment: SCBx is a defunct institution that doesn’t have the capital base nor management capability necessary to grow beyond their core business, so they’ll be trying to milk their existing retail customer base for as much fees as possible.

THANI maintains Bt28b FY new loan target, loanbook >Bt53b by end of year, expects new loan >Bt2b/month for the last 2 month of year, NPL steady below 4% (9M22 @ 2.34%).

TPIPL eyes 5-10% FY23 revenue growth target from recovery cement sales on resumption of construction projects, wider margin from cost saving prog & lower energy costs.

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