BBL has the lowest amount of debts among peers, qualified under Bank of Thailand’s moratorium, at 10-14% and Bt12.7b in LLP, but had already set aside Bt18b in 1H20, a large enough cushion, Tabloid.

Comment: I’ve written for years, if BBL is considered the best bank in the sector, then the sector is in bad shape. Although I’m starting to think that there may be opportunities/reasons to look into this sector again in the coming q’s

BEAUTY denied news that Suwin Kraibhubes, CEO, was selling share, insisted that the family is still holds 21.22% stake.

Dusit Central Park, the mixed-use JV projects of DTC and CPN, is introducing a rooftop park as a new green landmark at the Bt3.67b projects.

Comment: Should be launched just in time to capture a major upswing in tourist (~3-4 years from now)

JWD launched F&B thermal control delivery, JWD Cold Chain Express, to capitalize from existing cold storage clients and online foods delivery business.

Comment: Always liked their business model, always confused by their share price movements

MAJOR: Marathon Asset Management raised holding by 0.1873% to 5.0478% of total outstanding last Friday (July 31), SEC filing.

IIG: resource planning and enterprise software developer, I & I Group debuts 25m shares at Bt6.6 apiece, Nomura leads

Comment: Boom, IPO fever is back and strong. Oddly the company’s website doesn’t seem to work…

PTTGC in talks with 2-3 potential partners for US petro-complex, conclusion by mid next year, sees profitable 2Q20 on lower stock losses.

TOP expects to report solid turnaround upcoming announcement Monday (August 10) supported by FX & inventory gains and bottoming out GRM.

Comment: And strange bombs going off in the ME helps oil prices….

Industry Ministry agreed in principal with Federation of Thai Industry on Auto recycling stimulus by offering Bt100k discount coupon for buyers who replace old vehicles aged over 20 years for EV/HEV/PHEV, sees no impact on used car market.

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