BBL’s expanded its money withdrawal service at 7-11 stores, offering greater convenience to consumers in remote areas.

Comment: And just confirming that 7-11 as the best network and that we live in the land of Charoen Charoen Pokphand

BJCHI sees turning profitable this year, supported by Bt2.7b backlog and Bt500m newly secured projects, confident of winning some of the $572m worth of projects it plans to bid.

HUMAN expects 20-25% revenue growth each over next 5-yr, to announce new business structure late March, mulls 2-3 M&A this year and new low-lending rate platform in 2Q21.

Comment: Payday loans, thats it. M&A’s are going to be their only real driver of revenue growth.

KTC reaffirms solid 1Q, sees 2M21 card spending via online shopping +50% yoy, will expand secured loans this year thru KTBL to balance revenue mix, expects another record high profit this year.

Comment: Low rates period is probably going to continue for the industry.

NWR’s confident of new record revenue this year at 30% growth from Bt9.9b last year, supported by Bt32b backlog, of which 30% will be realized this year, sees 10-15% winning rate for Bt53b projects it plans to bid.

SUN will add 5 ready to eat products at 7-11 in April, to launch at least 5 products p.a. to keep positive sales momentum and riding along with 7-11 outlets expansion, 2 new mini factories to cod in 2Q&3Q up production capacity to 70k-100k units/d vs 50k prior, to expand production line to feed bakery shops, restaurants & hotels to expand client base, firms on 10% revenue growth target >Bt3b.

Comment: And they are part of the cannabis game as well

TQM mulls buying stake in TQR from Punnipa family, who’s also major shareholder in TQM and TQR, also top management of TQM, may take between 24.99% to 44.35%, but in any case will not tender for the remaining.

Comment: Well that’s just left pocket right pocket no matter how you spin it, they are clever in taking advantage of these silly valuations.

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