BBL: Asset quality remains sound in China and Vietnam. Despite the slowing economic growth in China and Vietnam, BBL said that its asset quality in both countries remains good. NPL stood at a low 1% of its loan in China and 2% in Vietnam. This is because their loans are geared towards real sector in manufacturing and consumerrelated sectors and not the property sector. (Source: The Nation)

TISCO: Maintains loan growth target at 15-20%. TISCO is maintaining its loan growth target this year at 15-20% and expect NPLs from used cars to tick up in 2Q13. (Source: Krungtep Thurakit)

Comment: We’re under the impression that 1H13 will still look great for Tisco, however in 2H13 car sales are going to decrease YoY without the government stimulus. And I still hate its loan to SSI that rep’s 25% of its equity base.

NMG enjoys a strong shareholder response to Bt1.6-bn fund-raising plan : Nation Multimedia Group has received a warm reception to its Bt1.64-billion mobilisation plan for financing its bid for digital TV licences, with more than 20 per cent of shareholders exercising their right to subscribe to the newly issued shares.

Comment: Impressive run in the stock price that has fully factored in every potential positive scenario possible perhaps even a regional domination scenario, yes I’m being sarcastic..

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