BC acquire 2 plots of land to develop 2 hotel projects in Lamai beach Samui and Sukhumvit road adjacent to BTS Nana station, announced dividend Bt0.11 dps, XD Dec 27.

Comment: This could be an interesting name over the next 2-3 years. You’ll need to sit down and go through the business model and accounting properly to fully understand it.

CHG upbeats FY20 earnings from full year contribution of Chularat Ruampat Chachoengsal hospital, sets Bt250m capex to expand radiation therapy center, target 15% revenue growth next year.

KUN: Villa Kunalai, real estates developer debut IPO 150m shares at Bt1.1 apiece

Comment: And probably a flop given the market sentiment against real estate

HMPRO sets Bt100m sales target for HomePro Fair Chiangmai December 13-22.

IRPC anticipates wider chem margins next year from HVA products, recovery selling price as supply shrink from trade war, shifts focus to special PP compound for solar panels, Li-ion battery, marine pipes, cements and auto parts.

MAJOR’s bullish about its cinema advertising business, expecting the unit to grow by 10-15% this year, sets 10-15% revenue growth target next year, target 40m movie ticket sales.

Comment: The issue for forecasting MAJOR is that the Thai movies performance is horrendously hard to forecast. But even I think that the current valuation looks attractive. (but don’t have any shares)

POST’s directors have approved the sale of the company’s printing plant and office building as part of a restructuring plan.

Comment: Or just shut down….sad to say but the #’s for POST look awful. They’ll have to recap. I wonder who wants the #1 newspaper in Thailand…

PSL secured USD28m funding from EXIM bank for CD re-payment and expand fleet size.

Comment: This could be enough to buy 1 additional ship. I’m still of the viewpoint that the next 1-3 years for shipping are going to be amazing.

PTTEP sets next year expenses budget at $4,613m, including $2,647m CAPEX and $1,966m OPEX, while 5-year expenses at $24,619m.

TCAP announced share buy back up to 97.045m shares (8.33% of paid-up cap) Bt6b budget from February 11,20 till August 10,20, pays special dividend Bt4 dps, XD December 27.

  1. what happens to tcap shares once it merges with tmb?
    the old shares will be automatically converted into tbank? any news for ratio?

    thanks, it’s my first “merge” 🙂

  2. Smart guy thanatorn, having a non listed family company means any trouble he makes won’t hurt the shareprice..kidding aside, 2019 has been a roller coaster and expect much the same for 2020.

  3. One thing that stood out to me from the BBL Permata deal is the incredibly low level of private debt to GDP for Indonesians, 36% which compared to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia is less than half. I wonder if religion plays a part in this?

  4. peter satrapa-binder

    @ PSL, you wrote: …’I’m still of the viewpoint that the next 1-3 years for shipping are going to be amazing.’

    May i please know your rationale behind this comment? because with all the current international economic problems, etc. it would look otherwise on first glance….

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