BCH sees record high 3Q on seasonal, new hospital, higher SSO payment, and foreign patients.

Comment: Where are these magical foreign patients? Perhaps I count as one of them…

CPN anticipates 2H turnaround from lower rent cut to 20-30% from improved traffic at malls to 80-90% compare to pre-covid level, sees overall OCC still healthy at 92%.

Comment: CPN was effectively the perfect landlord, no rents charged during the lockdown period.

KBANK’s adjusting its management team in preparation for post-pandemic conditions and to fill the void left by former co-president Predee Daochai, who quits to become a new Finance Ministry.

GFPT upbeats 2H earnings from poultry exports high season, expects healthy margin from low feedmill costs, higher THB sales from easing currency, to add food processing machines to boost high value added products.

Comment: And they will have their burnt down facility up and running again in 1H21

SAMART signed contract with Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) to contract 5 Hat Yai substations total Bt267m.

SIRI reveals Bt28.5b 7M20 transfers, on track to meet Bt42b target this year, while 7M20 presales stood at Bt25b or 70% of Bt35b target this year, plans new hotel brand, The Peri Hotel, in Hua-Hin and Khao Yai end of year.

Comment: That’s just incredible….one can only shrug their shoulders at this.

S&P upgrade TMB’s credit to BBB from BBB-, follows similar move earlier by Moodys’, thanks to its strong 18.6% capital ratio.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @SIRI: planning a new hotel brand? now? well, that is not only worth a shoulder shrug, but probably a double face palm as well…:)

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