BCH revises foreign patients to 20% from 16%, boosted by permanent visa waiver for Chinese, firms on 10% revenue growth target this year, adding 300K SSO patients to 1.8m.

Comment: Chynaaaaa. Investors/people have written off Chinese tourism to Thailand at their own risk. I wouldn’t be surprised by 4Q24 if it’s already on par w/ pre-wuflu.

ERW sees 35m tourist arrivals this year, boosted by visa waiver for Chinese, 5-7% avg room rate rises, 15 new hotels both domestic and abroad.

Comment: See above

PTT, in JV with battery producer, sets up AC Energy Solution to produce EV battery, CODed this year.

Comment: Whilst it’s a positive that the country gets involved in this and tries to capture the “value-added” part of the industry, but how many EV-related JV’s does PTT have? I just tried a quick search and I’ve lost track.

ZEN sees windfall from Easy E-Receipt program, boosting growth momentum in 1Q for 10-15% FY24 revenue growth target, supported by “AA” ESG rating, cash business with no debt.

Comment: Several players, any F&B, all retailers etc.

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