BCH: refrains from heavy investment, focus on new launched cancer center & ongoing hospital project (Kasemrad Samut Prakan), additional 300K patients quota from SSO to drive earnings this year.

Comment: If even the hospitals don’t want to invest heavily, then what does the say about the economy?

JPARK: aims to add 10k parking space this year, lifting total to 40k slots from 30k at end of FY23, target airports & fresh markets, mulls expand upcountry to boost growth, target 18-20% revenue growth target.

Comment: I’m curious about this name, if you’ve visited this group, do share. On paper its a great business model, but they did suddenly win a bunch of carpark spots right before IPO with 1-2 year contracts…

ZEN: announced buyback up to 3m shares (1% of paid-up) under Bt30m budget from Jan 24 till Jul 23, 24.

Comment: Another share buyback…

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