BCPG expects to sign 600mw windfarm projects in Laos within 1H, sees room for additional capacity from 160k acres land, targets M&A 300mw this year.

BGC expects meaningful turnaround from surging demand for bottle packaging on recovery consumption & F&B delivery trend.

Comment: If you remember (https://www.thaicapitalist.com/random-thoughts-protests-bgc-bottles-it-cpall-not-a-monopoly/) I unleashed quite a bit into BGC (and my thinking remains the same), but if I were to put my emotions to the side, I would say, what other play do you have in Thailand that is going to grow in line with the F&B industry? And if the company acquires other businesses and achieves a certain market capitalisation then it shall be included into the indices thereby increasing its multiple.

DHOUSE board approve plan to set up D Group Holding to acquire D Energy and Retail in petroleum and retails business to boost recurring income and diversify risk.

Comment: Not sure what they are going to do with this business….fight PTTOR, PTG, BCP, ESSO, SUSCO?

MCS confirms delivery schedule of 45kt steel module this year, will sign additional contract 40kt within 1H, expects to wrap up 50kt contract later this year, eyes 10% FY21 revenue growth targets.

Comment: Just check their inventory #s and you’ll see the revenue potential.

NDR targets 20% revenue growth this year supported by surging demand for motorbike tires as demand for delivery service grows, mulls tap in CLMV markets to boost sales.

PTL upbeats outlook from strong demand for food wrap & flexible packaging from F&B business, allots US$103m budget to invest in BOPET film production capacity 50ktpa & up PET plant capacity in Alabama to 86ktpa from current 58ktpa, targets cod in FY23.

RS may report Bt124m 4Q20 NP, +89% yoy, on 45% growth in commerce business, boosting FY20 NP up 51% to Bt548m, with Bt0.40 interim, while this year may see 54% growth to Bt844m, Tabloid.

Comment: And they are now getting into the asset management game, these guys just know how to shift and shift.

SSP’s 2 projects on track to cod this year, 20mw JPN solar projects (Leo1) cod 3Q21 & 48mw windfarm in Vietnam cod 4Q21 lifts total capacity to 200mw by end of year, expects record high profit over next 2 years.

WHAUP secures 5MW solar rooftop for Auto Alliance, operational by Aug this year, targeting 100 MW capacity by next year.

WICE sets Bt200m capex to add 200 containers & expand fleet size to accommodate cargo services, sees no impact from C19.

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