BCPG sets Bt8.6b investment budget to sustain growth ambitions.

Comment: It looks like their acquisition spree has been slowing down.

TKN sets 10-15% revenue growth target this year, to expand branches here and overseas and change distributors, and seek new partners in US and China.

Comment: This has been an interesting stock (not company) to follow over the past 6 months. One would have loved it when it was in the single digits i.e. 7/share, versus those that held it when it was 20/share. This goes to show that even though one could argue that the world was falling apart for TKN when seaweed prices were high, the issue of lead in seaweed and the drop in Chinese tourists, that the moment one issue was rectified the share price recovered by nearly +20-30%, the moment a second issue was rectified there was another +20-30% increase.

TK sees growth in nano-finance, capping NPL at 2.07%, focusing on motorcycle financing and oversea markets.

Comment: Such a low NPL doesn’t make sense for nano-finance.

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