BEAUTY expects growth in 2H14 and maintains 2014 revenue growth target of 30% YoY as purchasing power continues to improve. The company expects to add new branches overseas to increase growth. (Kao Hoon, 28/08/14)
Comment: BEAUTY is definitely the fastest growing cosmetic retailer in Thailand today
CCP expects revenue growth of 10% in 2014, excluding extra income from listing subsidiary SMART on mai. The company expects 2H14 to be better and will be bidding for projects worth Bt500-600mn. It wants to maintain backlog at at least Bt2bn. (Kao Hoon, 28/08/14)
DEMCO gets Bt28bn in new project. It will provide construction services for wind and solar power plants for PDI, EA, and WEH. It expects net profit growth of 100% YoY in 2014-15. It also has extra income of Bt1.6bn. (Kao Hoon, 28/08/14)
Comment: DEMCO is one of the key beneficiaries from the continued investment in alternative energy projects in Thailand + they have their holding in WEH which is expected to IPO sometime in the next year.


EARTH expects 2H14 performance to recover. It expects sales to increase to 5mn tons with lead share in the domestic retail coal market. It maintains its 2014 sales volume target at 9mn tons and plans to acquire five new mines, bringing coal reserve to 200mn tons. (Kao Hoon, 28/08/14)
Ichitan inks Indonesian deal – Ichitan Group Plc (ICHI), a SET-listed ready-to-drink green tea producer, expects sales to more than triple to Bt25bn over the next five years after teaming up with an Indonesian retailer and a giant Japanese trading company to penetrate Indonesian ready-to-drink tea market worth Bt73bn in next year’s first quarter. (Bangkok Post, 28/08/14)
Comment: This fellow knows how to grow his business, look at their plans versus oishi.
LOXLEY expects at least Bt9bn revenue in 2H14 on backlog of Bt9.4bn. It is preparing to bid for Bt31.7bn in additional projects and expects to get half of these. It has cut its revenue target to Bt17bn and expects to list a subsidiary on the stock exchange in 1Q15. (Kao Hoon, 28/08/14)
L.P.N. sets sights lower to the ground – SET-listed L.P.N. Development Plc plans to become more active in low-rise residences, expecting to launch six new projects worth a combined Bt3bn next year for revenue of Bt1bn. Charan Kesorn, managing director of Pornsanti Co, a low-rise developer and L.P.N. subsidiary, said that after staying away from the sector since 1997, L.P.N. resumed low-rise development in 2012. (Bangkok Post, 28/08/14)
PATKL expects to resume trading in 3Q14-4Q14 after being hit with the Non-Compliance (NC) sign by the SET. The company is waiting for the SET to review its 2Q14 financial statements.(Kao Hoon, 28/08/14)
Comment: I’m curious to see the first day reaction once the NC sign is removed.
Reform forum fails to find answers to fate of PTT – The National Council for Peace and Order’s energy reform forum regarding the role of PTT Plc ended yesterday without the participants reaching a conclusion. (Bangkok Post, 28/08/14)
PTT sets investors at ease over direction – Investors have expressed skepticism about the business potential of national energy flagship PTT Plc, which is the target of activists who want to return the company to full state-owned status. Senior executive vice-president Supattanapong Punmeechaow led a presentation on the company’s direction at the Thailand Focus 2014 forum hosted by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in Bangkok yesterday. (Bangkok Post, 28/08/14)
RS faces compensation cut – RS Plc, the SET-listed broadcast rights holder of the FIFA World Cup 2014, is at risk of receiving reduced compensation for broadcasting all the tournament’s matches on free TV. The company may get only Bt210-220mn, despite expecting Bt427mn. It was paid Bt118mn last month. (Bangkok Post, 28/08/14)
Studying project in Myanmar — SOLAR and a partner are studying undertaking a solar farm project with 30MW capacity in Myanmar. SOLAR says the partner has obtained a 30-year concession. It also plans to participate in the Energy Policy and Planning Office’s projects with a 200MW solar farm. (Kao Hoon, 28/08/14)
Comment: As a company SOLAR has to move out where its in the solar industry chain because they’ll only be continually squeezed out by Chinese factories.
SSI expects lower net loss in 2H14 after the net loss of Bt2.8bn in 1H14. It expects the spread for steel to improve with price and is trying to reduce current debt to equity ratio at 6.8. The company expects domestic steel sales of 2.1mn tons in 2014. (Kao Hoon, 28/08/14)
Comment: As much as I enjoy talking to the owner, I still have my doubts on the company being able to make a profit anytime soon, wouldn’t be surprised to see another recap in the near future.
Thaicom 7 launch postponed — THCOM reports that the company has postponed the launch of Thaicom 7 from 27 August 2014 as more preparation needs to be done. It will report the new launch schedule soon. (Kao Hoon, 28/08/14)
Tata eyes ASEAN market for growth – SET-listed Tata Steel (Thailand) Plc (TSTH) is capturing growing ASEAN demand to sustain its revenue growth amid the saturation of domestic demand. President and chief executive Rajiv Mangal said the company expected its ASEAN revenue to grow by 15-18% this year, higher than last year’s 10%, in line with its expansion into neighboring countries. (Bangkok Post, 28/08/14)
  1. Hi Pon.

    I own DEMCO and am wondering what is you fair price estimate for DEMCO after WEHs IPO? Do you know if DEMCO will continue to hold WEH’s shares and receive dividends or will they take profit and sell off those shares? Any information you can share is much appreciated.


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