BEM: won arbitration on fare adjustment of second state expressway, authority (EXAT) required to pay Bt 1.048b for damage, EXAT may filing petition to request court to revoke arbitral award w/in 90 days.

CK: mulls to bid for infra pj combined worth Bt 300b, expts to wins at least 20-30%, reassure Bt 30b FY19 rev t/g, Bt 25b out of Bt 49b total bcklog to realize this yr.

PLE: expts to wins cntrct to build new HQ for Gov’t Pharmaceutical Qrganization worth Bt 5.2b on an upcoming anncmnt nxt wk, will bid 3 gov’t pj worth Bt 2.5b and Bt 1b sub-cntrct for Yellow & Pink line MRT in 2Q, Bt 9.3b out of Bt 14b total bcklog to realize this yr.

Comment: Hmmm….lets see if the government pays on time … just have a look at what happened to STEC in the past.

SUSCO: reaffirms solid 1Q frm improve mkting margins frm gasoline sales and inventory gains, expts higher rental rev in 2Q frm opening of Lawson & Starbuck in stations, t/g 250 branches by yr end frm crrnt 230, eyes 10% full yr rev grwth t/g.

Comment: Slightly different to PTG in that half of their business comes from other businesses such as exports of oil to neighbouring countries and supplying jet fuel to airlines

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