BEM sees March tollway traffic -25.8% yoy, MRT ridership -29.2% yoy, expects bottom out in April.

Comment: It probably should bottom in April, the question on people’s mind will be recovery potential.

DOD upbeats on 1H earnings from strong sales momentum of alcohol gel and sanitizer products, mulls to raise capacity to 500k bpd from 200k bpd.

Comment: Is the world going to become overly paranoid for a period of term and everyone is going to walk around with hand gel/sanitizers?

GULF will trade new Bt1 par (from Bt5) from April 16.

Comment: Lets see if this game still works.

MODERN sees growth in 1Q as deliveries were unaffected by covid-19, but 2Q will suffer and will hurt its 10-15% FY20 growth projection.

MTC firms on plan to add 318 branches this year to capture loans demand upcountry, maintaining 20-25% FY20 loan growth target.

PTT may postpose IPOs of PTTOR due to unfavorable market conditions, insisted on holding 75% post IPOs for energy stability.

Comment: Gotta love the news outlets in Thai, at one point they state the IPO goes ahead, another point it talks about postponement, similar to the news that AOT would take a stake in THAI yesterday which AOT has since rebutted. 

Krungsri AM cuts holding in TISCO by 0.5861% to 4.6806% of total outstanding on Friday (Apr10), SEC filing.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @DOD and your comment: Is the world going to become overly paranoid…. hand gel/sanitizers?:
    i’d say that this is entirely possible for at least as long as there won’t be any vaccine for covid-19 yet, i.e. at least 1-1.5 years, maybe even longer if the vaccine won’t be easily or cheaply available for everyone at once.

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