BEM will negotiate with the BMTA for the Blue Line extension job in September. It accepts that passengers on the Purple Line are not meeting its target and pulling down revenue by Bt0.8mn per month. The BMTA has approved a reduction in average passenger fare of 30% to Bt14-29 and expects this to boost passenger load by 30% from 20K. (Kao Hoon, 25/08/16)
KBANK expects leading to rise on recovery of automotive market. It expects new loans of more than Bt75bn or growth of 35% to bring total loans to Bt93bn. It expects profit to be a new high at above target of Bt682mn. (Thun Hoon, 25/08/16)
A Japanese fund is interested in investing in KCE and expects to make a decision soon. It will spend Bt200mn to renovate its factory at Ayutthaya, with operations starting back up in 4Q16. It targets 2016 revenue growth of 10% from 2015, supported by more orders. (Thun Hoon, 25/08/16)
KSL targets 2016 revenue growth of 20% thanks to an increase in sugar price (2016-2017) of 30% to US$0.21/pound from US$0.15/pound last year. It plans to expand its sugar mill and is bidding for a PPA biomass power plant. (Thun Hoon, 25/08/16)
Comment: Just as with the comment for KTIS, could it be time for the sugar co’s to perform?

LHK expects FY16/17 profit to grow and targets an increase in revenue of 5%. It has budgeted Bt50-60mn to buy new machines to increase capacity. It expects vehicle production to exceed 2mn cars. It plans M&As and JVs. (Kao Hoon, 25/08/16)
Comment: I’ve been hearing about JV’s and MA’s from this company for 3-4 years, nothing has materalised
MINT’s five-year plan targets revenue growth of 10-15% per year with average profit growth of 15-20% per year. It has budgeted Bt40bn to expand business. (Thun Hoon, 25/08/16)
NCH expects 2H16 revenue and profit to be better than 1H16 due to more transfers. It has backlog of Bt500mn and expects to book all of that this year. It plans to launch two new projects worth Bt2.8bn. It expects to negotiate with a foreign partner to invest in a property development project with a decision expected next year. (Kao Hoon, 25/08/16)
PYLON expects 2H16 to be better than first half thanks to more government jobs. It has backlog of Bt700mn, up 30%. It expects 2016 profit to exceed 2015’s due to high-margin jobs. (Kao Hoon, 25/08/16)
RATCH will pay an interim dividend of Bt1.10/share, XD on Sep 6 and payment on Sep 22. It seeking new investment to expand its portfolio and other business. (Thun Hoon, 25/08/16)
SENA increases investment budget to Bt1bn to buy new land. It plans to launch five new projects worth Bt5bn to expand backlog from Bt3bn. It expects 4Q16 earnings to be outstanding upon booking more revenue and its solar business. (Thun Hoon, 25/08/16)
Comment: Well we did say it, the solar business + the transfer of projects have resulted in the price coming back up by some 70%
SGP expects 2016 revenue to hit target growth of 5% supported by an increase in LPG sales. It plans to invest in an LPG filling plant and power plant in Myanmar. It plans to take over a power plant in Thailand and is interested in investing in government solar projects. (Thun Hoon, 25/08/16)
SMPC expects 2H16 to grow, supported by more orders. It expects 2016 revenue to grow more than 15% with capacity of more than 7.2mn tanks per year. (Kao Hoon, 25/08/16)
THANA targets 3Q16 presales growth of 40% from 2Q16 and expects FY2016 to reach Bt1.1bn. It plans to open two new projects worth more than Bt1.2bn. It expects 2016 profit to approach 2015’s. It is negotiating to buy land in the metropolitan area. (Thun Hoon, 25/08/16)
TPC Power Holding Plc has acquired Siam Power shares to jointly develop am 8-megawatt waste-driven power plant as part of its strategy to engage in the fully-integrated alternative energy business. (The Nation, 25/08/16)
Comment: That was bit of a surprise, perhaps this arguably helped them acquire the waste-to-energy plant at a discount bc the PPA isn’t approved yet.
WICE is negotiating to manage the warehouse for a major tire manufacturer worth Bt20mn and expects to conclude the talks in 3Q16. It expects high season to support transportation business and expects 2016 revenue growth of more than 20%. (Thun Hoon, 25/08/16)

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