BGC anticipates bottle sales turnaround aft BMA extend alcohol serving to 11pm, allots Bt2b capex for M&A, maintaining 5-10% sales growth target.

Comment: That not much of a turnaround….

BGRIM sees narrow margins 1Q from high gas price, SPP replacement 5 units on track to cod in 2H, expects feedstock cost drops by 5-10% after beginning self import LNG from Jan 23, mulls expand LNG trading business to fill demand from industrial users and other power producers, maintaining 15-20% FY22 revenue growth target.

Comment: And watch them make a fortune off the LNG contracts and to have the ability to set the prices in Thailand to the cost of the consumer

MAJOR raised holding in WORK to 5.0049% (22.1m shares @ Bt 23.66 average).

Comment: So a stake in TKN and now a significant stake in WORK, i do wonder if this is going to end well for major because these are just minority investments, without a board seat or any impact on the overall business they’re just investors. BTS playbook perhaps?

MTC & SAWAD see higher products costs inflate demand for credits, Tabloid.

THANI target FY22 new loans >Bt27b, sees positive momentum on new/used commercial vehicles HP, focus on refinance rather than lower yield, explores yacht & luxury vehicles to boost margin.

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