BGC mulls revising up FY24 sales target following positive surprised bottles & packaging sales, supported by tourism, long summer season, consumption during Songkran festive.

Comment: Does that mean singha beers > chang beers?

CENTEL’s 95 guestrooms first affordable lifestyle brand hotel, COSI Vientiane Nap Phu in Laos opens today.

Comment: Cookie munsterrrr

FLOYD wins 2 electrical engineering contracts from Central Food Wholesales & HomePro total Bt115.56m.

GULF said no intention to become major holder of KBANK after report holding 20.542m shares (0.87%), ranking it the 14th largest.

Comment: Someone clever reminded me yesterday that GULF has won so many projects in Thailand and that they have run out of capital to actually get them started…so what will they dump first to fund these projects in Thailand? I naturally hope that the Thai government decides to fine and take back the concessions from all the oligarchs that it has created.

SAPPE will add 20 SKUs to expand segment coverage across geographic group, increase market awareness & new products launch via LINE app, sees drinks sales momentum remain strong in 2Q both domestic & overseas, firms on 20-25% FY24 sales growth target, trades XD tomorrow Bt2.18.

Comment: Hmmm….this has me less excited about the company. But I’ve been proven wrong over the years….remember I am terrible at understand consumer products in this country

TISCO sees higher NPL this year as it focuses on high yield loans, especially its car title loan products, in an effort to enhance returns. Its NPLs for 1Q24 was 2.27%, +2.13% yoy, and will allow to reach 2.5% this year.

Comment: Not as a bad as it could be…scarier fact is that they had no growth in 1Q24

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