Stock market watchdog fines trio nearly Bt10.5 million for misusing inside info – The Securities and Exchange Commission’s settlement committee has imposed fines totaling Bt10,488,534.01 on Thavatvong Thanasumitra for using inside information to purchase shares of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BGH) and on Viporn Jitsomwang and Narumon Chainaknan for aiding and abetting Thavatvong’s wrongdoing. (The Nation, 28/11/13)

Comment: So a member of the board trades divulges insider information and likely trades for himself. Hmmm. And it’s only a THB 10 mn fine? BGH time to show proper corporate governance here.


BJCHI to begin trade today. The company expects to stay above its IPO price, supported by its strong fundamentals with 9M13 profit at Bt952mn. (Khao Hoon, 28/11/13)

Comment: Another pop n drop?


Opens new facility — Mega Life Sciences, a leading consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical company, yesterday inaugurated its new Bt45mn manufacturing facility in Bangpu, which will almost double the company’s production capacity of soft-gel capsules from 2.1bn to 3.8bn annually. (The Nation, 28/11/13)

Comment: It’s the distribution company in Myanmar that excites me the most.


Expects 2014 revenue of Bt4bn — NUSA expects 2014 revenue of Bt4bn and sales of Bt6bn. It is preparing transfer many condominiums to clients. It will build an ocean park and luxury condominium in Pattaya worth Bt6.8bn. Management said the company will be in the black, turning up from a 9M13 loss of Bt23mn. It may raise funds from debt, equity and/or a property fund. (Khao Hoon, 28/11/13)

Comment: They do have quite a few projects on hand and with a market cap of THB 1.8 bn there may very well be upside for this stock


Aiming at 20% YoY revenue growth next year — SENA is aiming at 2014 revenue growth of 20% YoY from Bt1.8bn in 2013. Sales volume in 4Q13 will drop because of the political situation. It expects to open three new projects and postpone its fund-raising plan. (Khao Hoon, 28/11/13)

Comment: With a small revenue base its possible for this property company to achieve this.


Puts off listing — SUTHA has postponed is listing on the SET due to the political situation. It now plans its IPO of 75mn shares in early 2014. Management does not believe this will hurt its business expansion. (Khao Hoon, 28/11/13)


Expects to reach target growth of 20% — UAC is confident that 2013 sales will reach its target growth of 20%. It has set its 2014 growth target at 30%, as it will book revenues from PPP and three plants from CBG will start operating next year, pushing gross margin up to 25%. (Khao Hoon, 28/11/13)

Comment: A wonderful company with good holdings in its investment portfolio for renewable energy projects but valuations…

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