BGRIM inked deal Petronas Lubricant Int’l to jointly expand market in TH, explore energy solution in Thailand & Southeast Asia.

CPN upbeats earnings visibility from project in the pipeline pending to cod, new malls & expansion of non-retail to be growth drive, Central Westville on track to cod next week (Nov 29), Central Nakhonsawan mall project to cod 1H24, Dusit CENTRAL PARK to cod hotel operation mid-FY24, Central Krabi mall project to cod 1Q25, will launch 5 residential project (3 SDH, 2 condos) by end of year.

Comment: If it wasn’t for DUSIT’s management team, Central group would’ve postponed this project by years.

NYT sees vehicles traffic at RO-RF pier reached 90k units in Oct thanks to robust EV import ahead of Motor Expo event, expects positive momentum carry thru next as EV markers begins exports out of TH.

Comment: In the past I would’ve comfortably said that this is a no brainer purchase at a price. Now if the Chinese companies are utilising Thailand only as a base to service domestic and neighbouring countries EV demand, and the Japanese manufacturers here do not expand further – where’s the upside in volume growth for NYT?

PTTGC reported disposal of 50% stake in GC Logistics to WHA Venture Holding (WHAVH) for Bt 2.64b.

SPALI anticipates 4Q turnaround from aggressive launch plan 12 project worth Bt14b, Bt12b out of Bt19.8b backlog to realize in 4Q.

Comment: And you know, they’ll probably sell them all out, and beat all consensus expectations, but the price won’t move.

  1. I see the latest ”tower” being built when I visit Surathani town, at Central . I mean, it is in the middle of nowhere, other than if you want to spend your days in the mall, or you invest as a rental property for travellers going to and from the Surat airport. If you have time, I have a question about CPN financing. Are they not up to their eyeballs in debt with SCB?

    • CPN’s balance sheet is fine, from memory int. bearing debt/equity is less than 1x and fcff covers the debt over 5-6 years. It’s CP group that is overleveraged.

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