BGRIM sees 2Q margin continue to expand, supported by lower natural gas price, revenue recognition from 2 power plants (Ang Thong 2 & 3) combined 280mw, in talks 3-5 partners to jointly develop data center, expects to finalize deal this year.

Comment: The cost of energy is no longer and an issue and governments are continuing to fund STUPID RENEWABLE PROJECTS allowing companies such as BGRIM to make bank…

CPW expects earnings momentum pick up in 2H supported by digital life style products and tailwind from newly launched tablet & mobile sales, upcoming iPhone 16 & 16pro, Apple watch X, new Apple watch ultra & Airpods 4 should revive market.

Comment: I wonder if there will be another iphone bump… probably…yes…my motorcycle boys are all telling me that their kids want iphones…the isheep disease continues to grow.

GULF upbeats 2Q earnings from robust electricity sales as power demand for air condition surged during summer season, additional 2.7mw on track to cod this year, sees growth momentum continue on the back of tourism growth, data center, recovery demand from industrial clients.

Comment: This is the perfect crony play…perhaps we should track GULF…if GULF crashes = Corruption in thailand decreases, GULF’s price increases = Corruption in Thailand continues to increase. Could be a perfect correlation.

ORI: 1 hotel & 4 warehouses combined 36k sq.m. on track to cod this year, expects earnings less volatile after branching out from residential property, maintain Bt17b FY24 revenue target.

PCC wins procurement project from Provincial Electricity Authority to supply 433 transformers total Bt112m, sees demand for transformer, controller and network products surge as smart grid network grows, firms on 10% revenue growth target.

Comment: Did you know that if you put more stupid renewable energy on the grid = destroys the grid = needs more transformers = needs more transformer oil = demand for oil up.

SCB targets FY24 bottom line growth >10% yoy >Bt53b, seeking to expand digital retail lending and wealth products via mobile phone app, credit screening via AI application expects to reduce NPL, improve credit approval speed and reduce costs.

Comment: SCB…you’re underperforming Bangkok Bank…BANGKOK FRIGGIN BANK!

TKN targets 15% FY24 revenue growth supported by robust sales growth from US & Indonesia market, tailwind from domestic sales driven by international tourists, focus on raw material management (seaweed) to boost margin.

Comment: Question mark on NPMs

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