BGRIM said 3,600MW LNG-to-Power in Vietnam may be included in the 8th Power Development in Vietnam, together with 2-3 more with 2,000-3,000MW.

Comment: Just look at the power assets that BGRIM is gathering throughout Asia.

DMT: Easy Pass smart card established by Express way authority (EXAT) able to access Don Muang tollway from April 23.

Comment: Nothing special about this company, bribed their way into receiving a concession for a tollway, nothing else happening here.

EKH mulls selling new share to RAM, to create synergy, but will not be as much as 25% to avoid tender, Tabloid.

RBF upbeats FY22 outlook from recovery demand for flavoring agent & food adhesive, healthy raw material inventory (till end of June) & products price hike by 5-10% to buffer margin, contribution from CBD to boost earnings.

SINGER’s expected to report record high profit at Bt251m in 1Q, and high chance being added to SET50 in 2H22, Tabloid.

Comment: They raised a ridiculous amount of capital to double their profits by 2023.

TFG expected to report solid 1Q from improved chicken & swine average selling price & higher exports volume yoy on shrink supply to EU as Ukraine chicken exports account for 20% of total EU EX-UK imports, Tabloid.

Comment: Cost of feeding these pigs and chickens have sky rocketed, the #’s can’t look decent/”solid”

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