BIS: veterinary medicines & med devices distributor, Bioscience Animal Health, debut IPO 94m shares @ Bt6 apiece, Maybank leads.

Comment: An interesting business model and industry. But more importantly small name big first day POP

GUNKUL: in talk several developer partners to sell & install EV charging station in condos & residential compound, more turnkey project to come later this year.

Comment: Small scale, there is an issue with the real estate industry, the demand can’t afford the higher construction costs.

MCS: gets new steel orders total 121k tons.

Comment: Watch for the inventory gain purely from steel price rises.

SENA: maintain 2Q22 launch plan 5 residential projects total Bt2.7b, 4 projects will be upscale under partnership with Osaka’s developer, Hankyu Hanshin property.

SWC: TOA raised holding by 23.6508% to 69.301% of total outstanding on Apr 22.

Comment: Not sure how much value this adds to TOA other than potentially securing additional chemical supplies

TPLAS: hiked selling price of food container & packaging film to incorporate with rising costs, maintain 10% FY22 sales growth target.

Comment: Watch for more of this throughout all businesses/industries. There is a significant risk of margin compression across multiple industries.

  1. Interesting about BIS. Are you familiar with other players in the veterinary medicine market — especially small animals?

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