BJCHI’s confident of securing 20% of contracts it plans to bid in 2H20, while current backlog stood at Bt4.2b, the highest in 5-year.

CPALL may report 1st quarterly losses in 2Q20 at -Bt81m, due to 21% drop in SSSG, Tabloid.

Comment: This makes me giggle. AND they want to chuck even more debt on CPALL to pay for Tesco.

EPG upbeats 3Q earnings from strong food containers sales, supporting by domestic travel scheme, expects margins remained healthy on low oil price, set Bt300m budget for M&A & JV.

Comment: Margins are great for their business, but with 50% automotives (I feel like a broken record here) related I don’t see how they can show decent overall results

PHOL expects big jump 2Q earnings from strong PPE suits and N95 face mask sales on surged demand for Covid protection, on talk partner to estimate distributors CLMV to boost oversea sales, eyes 10-15% full year revenue growth target from Bt930m FY19.

Comment: Didn’t realise thatPHOL was in this business. Could they follow STGT’s performance? Although perhaps they are just distributors, will have to investigate…

RS sees recovery in 2Q earnings, keeps 20% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: One has to applaud the management team for successfully shifting industries over the past 15 years. Just look at how poorly BEC are doing….

THANI tightens credit screening on HP clients in 3Q, expects full year loanbook at Bt45-50b flat yoy, aiming to curb NPLs within 5%.
SSP reaffirms record high profit this year from full year recognition of 16.4mw Mongolia solar & 49.6mw Vietnam solar, 30mw JPN solar cod-ed May 30 boost 2H earnings, will finalize plan to invest in Vietnam solar phase 2 and 1-200mw windfarm before end of year.

Comment: I still find it incredible that Thai co’s have successfully expanded throughout the region.

XO sees solid 2Q from higher exports during covid sets 10% revenue growth target this year to Bt1.1b.

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