BRI in talk jv landlord to develop SDH project, aims to boost ROE & ROA from cost saving on landbank, maintain full year launch plan 20 projects total Bt22.5b.

Comment: Wow…that’s 2x market cap, they’re still somehow able to continue expanding…I’m not sure how many non-related land owners are willing to partner with a developer these days.

EA’s firm on Bt40b revenue target this year, on EVs, power plant, battery business, and delivery of 4,000 commercial EVs, sets Bt10b capex to expand battery productions, boosting capacity to 4GW.

EA’s credit rating cut to A- from A, stable outlook at TRIS rating, large working cap needs to facilitate battery & e-bus manufacturing as well as hire-purchase loans to Thai Smile Bus (TSB) weakened financial profile, revenue concentration on TSB presents a significant counterparty risk given TSB currently weak financial performance.

Comment: I still am looking forward to these shares declining back to 20…

JASIF said it has already received full rental payment from 3BB.

HENG sets 20-30% loan growth target, capping NPLs at 2.9%.

HMPRO: 1Qnp at Bt1.61b +7% yoy, topped Bt1.55b consensus.

Comment: An amazingly well-run company.

KBANK’s board approved establish of auto title loan and HP unit, Ngern Hai Jai.

SKY’s shareholders approved 91.21m new shares, with 31.21m shares for RO and 60m shares for PP to 3 investors.

Comment: Oh reallyyyyyyy, just go through the shareholder base and figure who is linked to who…

TSR board approved name changed to Sabuy Connect Tech, SBNEXT, to branch out from water purifier & ice making machine to air solar & EV charger, firms on Bt4b full year revenue target.

Comment: Wait, so they’re going to somehow 2.5x the revenue of TSR/SBNEXT? I’m not going to hold my breath….

ZIGA reported temporary suspension of digital assets business after fraud by bitcoin mining contractor & embezzlement by former managements on Zii Token sales.

Comment: Wahahahahahaha, jesus, why I am not surprised…

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