BTS: cabinet approved fare for monorail yellow line (Ladprao-Samrong) from Bt15 up to Bt45/trip, cod from Jul 3.

MINT to acquire 100% stake in Singco Trading Pte, the intellectual property holder of Sizzler, except in US, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico, for Bt546m, including 64 restaurants in TH and 10 in JP, eyes expansion into China, Asean & middle east.

Comment: MINT is able to take the failing US brands and make them domestic giants.

RPH sees 1H IPD OCC w/in 70% range, adding new ward in 3Q capacity 30 beds to accommodate patients on high season, m/t 10-20% FY rev growth target.

Comment: Hospitals are still packed despite the lack of covid patients.

SKY sees positive earnings momentum carry thru 2H driven by contribution from APPS & venture ground services co., with AOT (AOTGA) as flights & passengers accelerate on high season

Comment: Their service is rubbish. I’ve flown enough times to get frustrated with what SKY provides. But the service isn’t what matters because they have the concession contract locked up with AOT.

Industrial Estates Authority (IEAT) expects at least 3 JPN companies to invest roughly Bt3.7b in EVs & smart devices in EEC, further talk continues during roadshow in Nagoya & Osaka from Jun 25-29, AMATA, WHA, S, ROJNA, EGCO among group of 10 IE participants.

Comment: Vietnam draws this FDI Value in a weekend. And thats in spite of it’s energy issues.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    regarding IEAT, and FDI in thailand: just yesterday i read an article in Nikkei Asia regarding that the largest beneficiaries of FDI in Asean are currently vietnam and malaysia and that thailand loses out because there had not been any recent government action to promote investment here. how long has the thing with the EEC been going on now? and they have still not developed much there in all these years methinks…

    • EEC has been unlucky with covid.


      the one example I continually give is that when Prayuth took over, he put himself as the head of the BOI and meetings went from monthly to quarterly. Instant slowdown in FDI.

  2. Hi Pon, that acquision by MINT of the E. Asian franchise – do you view that as having a relatively large impact on MINT revenues, esp. gross margins (which I do not have access to ). I am a regular – and it appears to be a well operated franchise. tia.

    • Nothing significant. Hotels are the main driver for the overall group. But it will continue to strengthen the group. MINT has a fantastic reputation w/ its brand owners to get things done and grow/protect market share.

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