BWG has strong fundamentals, high retained earnings and no debt with D/E at 0.62X. It expects profit growth of over 30% in 2015 supported by expanding its customer base. The company expects profit of 35-40% in 2016 due to more customers from BOI and booking sales from 9.4MW power plant. (Than Hoon, 9/10/15)
CI expects profit growth of over 120% QoQ supported by its backlog. It expects revenue growth of 20% from 2014 due to pending transfers and a new project worth Bt4bn. (Than Hoon, 9/10/15)
Comment: Hence why they have been conducting a share buyback in the past few quarters
CPF expects net profit of Bt3-3.1bn in 3Q15 an increase 1-3% from 2Q15 due to increase in sales volume, weak baht, increase in selling price and recovery in businesses abroad. (Kao Hoon, 9/10/15)
Comment: Buy CPF and get CPALL for free it’s still the same story
CAC orders DTAC to pay CAT – The Central Administrative Court has ordered DTAC pay Bt1.07mn plus with 7.5% interest to CAT for setting up a cellular network outside its concession on CAT’s towers. (Kao Hoon, 9/10/15)
Comment: Well that’s cheaper than AIS’s potential legal bill

EGCO has spent US$15mn to buy stock in QPL, which is a major power plant in Quezon in the Philippines with capacity of 503MW. It will hold 100% in this company and expects to get revenue from sale electricity to support profit. (Than Hoon, 9/10/15)
GUNKUL-W’s first trading day. It expects a good response. The capital increase has provided funds of Bt4bn and it plans to use this to bid for more work. (Than Hoon, 9/10/15)
MTLS expects revenue in 3Q15 to be outstanding after its new total loans reached Bt5.5bn or growth of 70-80% after expanding into the south. It is confident that total loans will reach Bt19bn, growth of 50%. It plans to add 450 branches in 2016. (Than Hoon, 9/10/15)
Comment: Legalised loan sharks can still grow and grow 
NCH reported sales revenue in 1Q15-3Q15 of Bt2bn close to its full year target of Bt2.7bn. It plans to launch a detached house project worth Bt800mn in December. The company expects revenue of Bt2.2bn in 2015 supported by sales revenue of no less than Bt140mn from the Home and Condo expo. (Than Hoon, 9/10/15)
RICH expects to wind up a 9.9MW biomass power plant deal that will support its profit and revenue. It plans to study production and water supply business to support sustainable growth. The company expects government stimulus to include mega projects, which will increase steel orders. (Than Hoon, 9/10/15)
Comment: If this steel co can move away from steel to another sector then why not. 
TFG expects turnaround in 2016 supported by exporting its product to Europe and Japan. (Kao Hoon, 9/10/15)
TPOLY expects to get airport construction work at Yala worth Bt1.9bn which will increase its work to over Bt7bn. The company will bid for 3-4 projects worth Bt2bn and expects to get the results by the end of 2015. (Than Hoon, 9/10/15)
Comment: And now they are planning to sell TPCH’s shares in order to raise capital.
TRUE expects 3Q15 profit of Bt440mn, with market share increasing by 0.9% to 19.7%. In 9M15, the company expects a profit of Bt3.37bn, compared to Bt1.43bn for the same period last year. (Kao Hoon, 9/10/15)
Comment: Retail loves this, thai investors love this, still have to wonder aloud if I’m a fool for not loving this?
TTCL expect to sign for coal power plant in Myanmar in 2015 – TTCL expects to sign a new construction contract to build a 1280MW coal-fuel power plant in Myanmar before the end of this year. The company plans to increase projects abroad to Bt20bn. (Kao Hoon, 9/10/15)
WHA issues unsecured senior debenture of Bt250mn with tenure of 2 years and 3 days. The proceeds will be used for business expansion. (Than Hoon, 9/10/15)
Comment: The leveraged growth machine continues! 
  1. TFC.SET Oct 12 insider CEO bought 209 million shares at 1.83. IPO was at 1.92. Khun Pon, this chicken & pig farming company lost money (.25/share) in 1H 2015. You mentioned a better competitor company. (not CPF, which I deinvested from, for ethical reasons). Would you mind to re-pepost/refer me to the relevant of your news letters, please ? It is the pne I did not print a hard copy of.
    TIA. Continue the great work.!Don.

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