Plans to expand into Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. The firm has bid for a new project worth more than Bt1bn and expects to do a JV deal in 2Q15. It targets 2Q15 earnings growth of 10% YoY on the transfer of projects and raise in backlog to Bt2.3bn. (Thun Hoon 06/05/15)

1Q15 net profit surged from last year backed by significant growth in exports of “Carabao Daeng”, lower cost of goods sold, with zero interest-bearing debt. It expects to raise earnings gradually. (ASTV 06/05/15)
Comment: We do love the company but have doubts in their ability to add additional products to its existing line

2015 earnings to be good on booking extra gain from selling XPCL of over Bt1bn while revenue is close to last year’s. 1Q15 earnings surged with revenue of Bt7-8bn. It expects to win more than Bt100bn in government projects. The firm expects to win 20-25% of total projects, which will lift its backlog from the Bt100bn. (Thun Hoon 06/05/15)

Plans to invest in crawler crane. It targets 20% revenue growth in 2015 from last year’s Bt1.24bn. It says government policy is encouraging more construction projects. It plans to list a subsidiary soon. (Thun Hoon 06/05/15)
Comment: Crane’s business model is straight fwd, 1) Buy cranes, lease them, get a payback period of 4-5 years, 2) Distribute Cranes

CYBER to acquire APU. Phase 1 of its 6-20MW natural gas power plant in Myanmar is expected to start up on May 15. This will raise 2015 earnings. CYBER will change its name to UPA (United Power of Asia). (Khao Hoon 06/05/15)

Expects 2015 sales to increase despite the slow recovery of trading partners that ate into 1Q15 sales. It expects to turn around in 2Q15 due to high season. (Thun Hoon 06/05/15)
Comment: Still the best run chicken company in Thailand, anytime there are issues with selling prices in the industry the company survives and eventually rebounds

Plans to sell land and UM Tower for Bt3bn, above the assessed value of Bt2.92bn. The funds will be transferred in 2Q15. The sale of the assets will increase liquidity and allow it to develop more projects in the future. (Thun Hoon 06/05/15)
Comment: Expect huge dividends to come out of here.

Dividend of Bt0.11per unit approved, XD May 27, two months after the fund was set up. Its yearly performance is expected to achieve target. (Khao Hoon 06/05/15)

KTB adjusting plan to focus on fee revenue to support profit this year. It is confident that revenue from fees will reach 35-50%. It has set its consumer loans at 1.5X of GDP to control bad debt. (Khao Hoon 06/05/15)

Listed company in energy sector interested in JV with the firm to invest in 50-100MW solar and waste power plant. If this deal is done, the project will run immediately. MDX targets to raise capacity to 1000MW from 850MW. It expects to get a power plant project in Myanmar and Laos with over 700MW. Its 1Q15 earnings will be released in May. (Thun Hoon 06/05/15)

PTT will book profit of at least Bt3bn from selling BCP shares to Vayupak fund and SSO at Bt36 per share. While 1Q15 profit hit Bt22bn. (Khao Hoon 06/05/15)

PTTEP net profit of Bt8.6bn in 1Q15 or down 31% from net profit of Bt12.4bn in 1Q14. The project “SAVE…to be SAFE” is continuing to deal with the uncertain oil price. (Thun Hoon 06/05/15)

SAWAD launched a new campaign “ Bank mai aow, rao aow” to get more SME loans from those rejected by commercial banks. It will focus on owners of mid- to small businesses who have collateral. This project will help entrepreneurs. (Post Today 06/05/15)
Comment: With agriculture prices decreasing so dramatically, one wonders if SAWAD will face NPL’s or will they just quickly sell off the assets that clients use as collateral and avoid any write offs?

SIRI shareholder approved cash dividend of Bt0.12 per share. The firm has budgeted Bt5bn for corporate bond in order to prepare investment project in 2015. 2Q15 earnings may show recovery. (Thun Hoon 06/05/15)

Expects to be number one in alternative energy business by planning to invest in solar, wind, and waste power plant via takeover and JV upcountry and abroad. It has 600MW covered by a PPA but expects to reach 500MW. Its first lot of electricity, 41.7MW, is scheduled to be supplied to EGAT in June. This year it expects to report a profit. (ASTV 06/05/15)

Tomorrow THCOM to announce 1Q15 earnings expected to show growth of 14% to hit Bt455mn derived from increase in rental rate of Thaicom 6 and Thaicom 7 and profit from Laos Telecom. Net profit in this year is expected to surge 30% to reach Bt2.079bn. (Khao Hoon 06/05/15)

1Q15 earnings better than 1Q14 at Bt34.95mn due to a rise its backlog. It will announce earnings in May. Management says revenue will reach Bt3.9bn this year. (Thun Hoon 06/05/15)

UTP reports that its co-generation power plant passed its EIA. The board plans to invest in a co-generation power plant of 12MW and waste water treatment capacity of 6,000 cum. It plans to add a second paper machine to raise capacity by 35% or 250,000 tons/year. (Thun Hoon 06/05/15)

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