CENTEL firms on Bt28.188b 3 years capex, sees stronger 2H on seasonal F&B and Hotel business.

Comment: CENTEL vs MINT take your pick for the next 3-5 years. 

COM7 upbeats 3Q earnings from larger stores network on BTS stations and contribution from revenue sharing via Kerry Express operating at COM7’s 20 outlets.

Comment: Well that’s one way of showing the synergies of having BTS as a new shareholder. 

DDD in talk to buy healthcare business worth Bt700-1b, seeks to balance revenue mix from current skin care products & supplements sales, expects to wrap up in 4Q.

Comment: Could this be the story the retail investors have been waiting for? That perhaps this may diversify their business away from Chinese tourism? 

FPT in deal with Central Retail to develop 75K sqm Omnichannel distribution center, target another 150K sqm next year.

IMPACT sees strong advance booking from exhibitors attending BKK GEM & Jewelry fair upcoming September 10-14 caused by political unrest in Hong Kong

Comment: Perhaps now thailand will benefit from the HK protests…in the sense that Thailand had lost a lot of the gem business to HK over the past 1-2 decades…so protests = some business returning back Thailand … or maybe there will be such a loss in demand/buyers that this doesn’t make a difference. 

SAPPE to sign licensing agreements with Lotte Group Korea to produce and distribute ice cream under Mogu Mogu brand in Korea.

SPALI plans 21 new projects in 2H worth Bt20.24b, boosting presales to Bt35b this year, firms on Bt28b rev, as Bt10.2b of Bt43.4b backlog to be booked.

Comment: Let’s see if the 2Q was, as some say, the bottom for the industry or the new normal…

TRC to double its revenue projection this year to Bt4.6b, after securing Bt8.86b backlog, eyes Bt8b worth of project bidding.

Comment: I’m still curious to see how they are going to diversify away from the contracting business 

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