CFRESH upbeats 3Q earnings from strong frozen shrimps order from the US, estimate oversea subsidiary to expand e-commerce in UK.

INET cuts FY20 revenue growth target to 5% from 20% from data center service cancellation from corporate affected by Covid; cuts outsource services to save manpower, expand paperless transaction platform, e-billing, tax invoice, verification & consent management and cybersecurity service to balance revenue mixed.

Comment: Such a mismanaged company. There was so much potential here, NETBAY would be happy to get rid of them as shareholders.

JMART will add consumer credit, insurance broker & café to existing 120 mobile retailer branches, add skills to existing employees to save costs, increase synergy from entire business group and KR partner, Kookmin bank.

Comment: Should post about this, but he’s going for a silly target mkt cap of THB 100 bn. Though I wouldn’t bet against him getting near there…

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