CHG mulls adding 70 IPD beds in 2H to accommodate surged traffic from international patients & larger SSO patients quota yoy, expects positive earnings momentum carry thru 2H on seasonal, narrower loss from newly opened hospitals & absence of provision related to Covid, firms on 15% FY revenue growth target.

Transport ministry told Highway Dept to abandon DMT plans to hike tollway fare by Bt 5-15/trip which stretches the highest fare for passenger vehicle to Bt130/trip effective Dec 22.

Comment: DMT is MINTing it… I’d cancel the concession, put a gun on the table and say “you made bank already, go away” otherwise this country will continue to go down down down.

GPSC signed MOU with Korean partner, Doosan Enerbility, to study into ammonia co-firing tech for potential adoption of fuel shifts to carbon-free solutions to decarbonize electricity & steam production from existing pp to align with Net Zero roadmap.

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