CHO expects to be awarded two mega projects for Khon Kaen city development as northern regional hub with total value of Bt26.96bn. The results will be known soon. If it wins these projects, its revenue and earnings will increase significantly. (Thun Hoon, 24/10/18)
Comment: Well, it won’t be getting that full value, b/c part of will split amongst private companies and a portion does go to CHO
CRD expects to be awarded a construction project worth Bt800mn. If it wins this project, backlog will reach Bt1.6bn. It expects revenue of Bt1.4-1.5bn this year. It plans to bid for two large baht construction projects in Laos worth hundreds of millions of baht. (Thun Hoon, 24/10/18)
FPI is dealing to invest 3-4 biomass power plants with total electricity production of 20MW. The conclusion will be known in 4Q18. It has budgeted Bt120mn to increase production capacity. It expects 2H18 performance to be better HoH supported by THB depreciation and a wider margin. (Thun Hoon, 24/10/18)
HMPRO issued a Bt2bn three-year corporate bond with 3% interest rate, sold to institutional investors on October 19 and 22. It will use the proceeds as working capital and to pay off existing bonds. (Kao Hoon, 24/10/18)
Comment: And that will just continue to help their bottom line.
PLANB expects 4Q18 results to be a record high. It is obtaining synergy that is increasing its value and will push utilization rate up in the future. (Thun Hoon, 24/10/18)
SAT growth rate is more than industry growth. 9M18 earnings were Bt658nn, +24%YoY. 3Q18 earnings were Bt240mn, backed by rise in auto parts orders. (Kao Hoon, 24/10/18)
Comment: Globally automotive sales have been falling fast, but Thailand is going up only due to the 2012 first car purchases which sapped demand for a few years and only recovered towards the end of 2016. 
SELIC has budgeted Bt1.05bn to acquire PMC in Thailand and Singapore. The acquisition and asset transfer will be completed in 1Q19. It expects sales to be a record high at Bt1.5bn and assets will double next year. (Thun Hoon, 24/10/18)
SPALI is preparing to launch Supalai Essence Suan Luang condominium worth Bt740mnm on October 27-28. Unit price runs from Bt7-10mn. (Kao Hoon, 24/10/18)
Retail subscription volume of Thailand Future Fund (TFFIF) exceed government target at Bt44.7bn, contributing 50% of total asset value. Local institutions will hold 40% and the remaining 10% will be held by the Finance Ministry. TFFIF will traded on the SET on October 31. The first year’s dividend yield (fiscal year ending Sep 30 2020) is 4.751%. (Kao Hoon, 24/10/18)
Comment: So is that were all the market liquidity went? Local institutions clearing out equities to subscribe to this? 
THAI’s president says he will overhaul and reform the company after the controversy over pilot seating entitlements on a Zurich-Bangkok flight. He targets to raise profit, competitiveness and bring up load factor, now at 80%. Management plans to reduce pilot privileges to be based on global airline standards. (Thun Hoon, 24/10/18)
Comment: Here are the first thoughts that came to mind 1) Another embarrassment, and typical entitlement within Thailand 2) How does a former industry sec gen n his chula prof wife afford first class tickets? 

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