CHOW’s board approves plan to sell 6 units in Japan, owning 9 solarfarm with 64.21MW capacity, for Bt4,114m, pending shareholder approval on Jan 27, 2021.

KTB is not going to compensate those who failed to register for the 2nd-phase copayment scheme on Wednesday when DTAC’s OTP system crashed.

Comment: It’s not KTB’s fault, the fault is 100% with DTAC.

PRINC sets 30% growth p.a. over next 3-transfer from 2021-3, on plan to double existing beds from 980 to 1,800, mulls strategic share sales to boost freefloat.

Comment: And the acquisition of BH shares from Papa helps.

PTT announced pre-emptive rights for existing holder to subscribe PTTOR IPO, 300m shares at 95 PTT to 1 PTTOR, subscription is not eligible for PTT’s holder who reside outside TH, XB Jan 4, 21.

Comment: This helps to keep the share price of PTT stable/up until then

SCC: SSO cuts holding by 0.0802% to 4.9634% of total outstanding on Monday, December 14.

THANI eyes 5% loan growth target next year from recovery hire purchase on commercial vehicles, expects tailwind from new investment in EEC area & growing trucks demand from logistic business boost earnings.

TU: SSO cuts holding by 0.0632% to 4.972% of total outstanding on December 9.

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