COM7 expects 2Q18 profit growth of 44% to Bt182mn backed by growing revenue from all products, especially iPhone. It plans to open an online market in July and expand its franchise to lift 2H18 revenue. (Kao Hoon, 4/7/18)
GUNKUL was awarded CPF’s Bt1.4bn solar rooftop and power distribution project. This will be the biggest solar rooftop project in Thailand. Management targets electricity capacity from both solar and a wind at 583 MW. (Thun Hoon, 4/7/18)
IRPC expects 2Q18 revenue to grow, supported by inventory gain from the rise in oil price. It says this year’s profit may be reach a new high, supported by the Everest project and expansion of PP capacity. (Kao Hoon, 4/7/18)
ITEL is preparing to bid for NBTC’s Bt20bn USO Net Phase 2 project. The timeline for this will be clear in the next two months. Its CEO affirmed that its revenue will grow 40% and says the Singapore roadshow received a good response from investors. It expects institutions to hold 10-15% of its shares. (Thun Hoon, 4/7/18)
Comment: It’s too small for serious institutions to have that large a holding, but at the very least it looks like ILINK as a group is trying to snap out of their funk
KSL expects revenue contribution from electricity to rise to 15-20%. Electricity capacity is increasing, supported by the rise in bagasse to use as fuel. 2018-2019 revenue is expected to come in at Bt19bn, the same as last year. Margin will tend to be good and inventory will be the same as last year at 10mn tons. (Thun Hoon, 4/7/18)
Comment: But they are stuck with BCP, management here hasn’t been the best when compared to the other players in the industry.
MAJOR says local institutions are interested in buying its shares. It targets 2018 advertising revenue growth of 10% from last year, supported by more customers. It will open 35 screens this year and this will raise revenue. (Thun Hoon, 4/7/18)
Comment: This stock seems to be under the radar for several players, it’s still the largest player, advertising revenue goes straight to their bottom line, and people still go to the cinemas.
MBK will book Bt330mn from the sale of 29.86% of Royal Orchid shares to GRAND. It will use the funds to buy Siam Piwat Ltd. shares to operate the Icon Siam shopping center which is expected to expand revenue and profit. The shopping center will open in 4Q18. (Thun Hoon, 4/7/18)
Comment: Another non core asset holding sold off by MBK
SAMART was awarded the MEA’s Bt2.2bn underground cable project. It was also awarded EGAT’s Bt268mn 115 kV high voltage station in Lumpula. These project will expand backlog and long-term revenue. (Thun Hoon, 4/7/18)
SIRI with BTS will launch a Bt6.5bn condo The Monument Tonglor ” July 14-15. The firm expects presales of this project to reach 50% this year. The construction has progressed to 70% completion. The firm also expects to transfer the projects to its clients within 1Q19. (Kao Hoon, 4/7/18)
The firm sees a bright outlook for its trading and biodiesel business in 2H18 due to strong demand and support from the government. The firm also has strong financial support from KBANK with a loan facility of Bt1.537bn. It also successfully issued a Bt400mn debenture. The firm is confident it will be able to move to the SET from mai within 3Q18. (Kao Hoon, 4/7/18)
VGI is partnering with Kerry Express Sahapat to provide a full range of advertising. It expects revenue to rise to Bt10bn in three years. (Thun Hoon, 4/7/18)
      • What a thousand percent run up in the share price premised on the belief of 50% grow rates in perpetuity? Could see this collapse a mile away. The Chinese have been supporting Beauty but sales growth may have plateaued..

        • The thing with BEAUTY isn’t that its a bad company. In a way its similar to TKN in the sense that they both suddenly became massive successes as a result of chinese tourists and that resulted in high valuations placed by the market, not because of the founders/management. Now for BEAUTY if they can further their portfolio of products similar to how Sephora operates then I can see the potential for valuations to be higher, until then…fun times.

          • the founder seemed to be a very astute and shrewd businessman, but just market expectations always seem to get ahead of itself. He did manage to offload a decent chunk at 18 baht only a few months ago to some poor schmuck….

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