CPALL enters new year with plan to penetrate online shopping business — CPALL has set up a new company called “Twenty Four Shopping Co Ltd” to cater to modern consumer demand for 24 hour shopping. The company targets sales of Bt4.3bn in the first year. (CPALL, 08/01/14)

Comment: Small overall impact on the total bottom line of the company, but it “should” have an incremental increase on margins


HEMRAJ: has sold 2,200 rai with 101 contracts — The deals consist of 60 new clients and 41 existing clients. Japanese clients take 42% of the new clients and automobile firms 48%. (Khao Hoon, 08/01/14)

Comments: Still by far the best one around in Thailand if you are looking to play the Industrial Estate segment


JayMart to open 45 new stores in bid to grow revenue by 35% – Mobile-phone retailer JayMart Group has set aside an investment budget of Bt1.76bn, partly to open 45 new stores and renovate 36 existing ones in an effort to boost revenue by 35% this year to Bt12.5bn, group chief executive officer Adisak Sukhumvitaya told a news conference yesterday. (The Nation, 08/01/14)

Comment: A constantly growing business, and he’s going to IPO another subsidiary later this year


PTTEP sets aside 5-year investment budget of US$27bn – PTT Exploration and Production has allocated US$27.28bn (Bt903bn) in a five-year investment and acquisition plan to develop projects both locally and abroad. (The Nation, 08/01/14)

Comment: Energy/commodity plays aren’t the easiest ones to spot, global headwinds are a factor, but normally any time one of these players decide to embark on massive capacity the volume increase should pay dividends over time


Sansiri sees higher net profit despite fewer launches – Sansiri Plc plans to stretch its net profit margin to more than 10% this year from less than 5% in the first nine months of last year after revising its residential project launches from 48 last year to only 19 worth Bt33.26bn this year. (The Nation, 08/01/14)

Comment: Never liked SIRI, it was a punt and only a punt last year.


2014 revenue of Bt25bn plus — STEC targets revenues for 2014 to exceed Bt25bn supported by its current backlog of Bt51bn. It expects to receive new projects worth no less than Bt30bn and will invest Bt600-700mn in new machinery to help increase concrete production. (Khao Hoon, 08/01/14)

Comment: The wind appears to have been taking out of the construction sector with the loss/delay of the massive infrastructure project


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