CPF’s firm on 8-10% revenue growth, sees growth momentum into 2Q, sets Bt20b capex.

Comment: I see a high probability for all commodity prices to go very very high over the coming decade…

DCC’s 967.5m new shares from exercise of DCC-W1 1:1 at Bt1.15 apiece tradable today, previous close Bt1.84.

JWD anticipates 2H turnaround from jump starts logistics cycle, recovery demand for cold storage, hazardous good storage and self-storage business posted lockdown.

Comment: It will be interesting to see their cap utilisation.

KTB may face hefty LLP and take deep haircut if THAI goes bankrupt, Tabloid.

Comment: But it would be cheaper net net for the government’s balance sheet

OSP sets Bt4b capex for this year to boost capacity, expects to COD commercial drink plant in Myanmar in 2H20.

PTG sees marketing margins on fuel sales gradually improves 2Q, cuts FY20 sales growth target to 10%, trims capex to Bt2b, scales back branches opening target to 100, recurring income from non-oil provides cushions.

Comment: Marketing Margins and volume, that’s all that matters for PTG.

RATCH sets Bt10b capex for 5 M&A with 800MW total capacity.

TASCO cuts asphalt sale target this year to 1.8-1.9m ton from 2.2m.ton, sees recovery in 2Q entering high season.

Comment: The delays in projects hurt them, but the low oil price is great for margins.

  1. Could you please highlight the trend you’re referring to that will result in higher commodity prices so I can do some reading around it? Thank you.

    • China growing has been a great deflationary period for the world => everything we want (not need) became cheaper. The China + 1 supply chain models will only increase, this was started 2 years ago and is likely to accelerate. Cost per item will increase => inflation.
      Commodities => generally been a decade of negative returns => supply’s are being cut left and right and center either in the production (i.e. oil) or supply-chains => inflation.
      Granted the next 3-6 months we may see huge deflationary figures. But going further I can see a rather scary scenario where we have GDP figures just about returning to 2019 levels but with cost of commodities being far higher => stagflation.

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